Sunday, 18 February 2018

Another bone of contention

This time about the parking spaces.
There are enough for everybody but some people think they are entitled to park at the end of the jetty where they moor. Whilst this would be ideal it is not practicable. At least two boaters have three vehicles and as there are six boats to a jetty you can see the problem.
At least this time we are not part of the problem as we park at the far end of the car park where there is lots of room.

I'll leave you with some photos I have taken of some of the places we have moored.

Friday, 16 February 2018


Since moving on to the boat my shopping habits have changed.
I now shop twice a week, with such a small fridge freezer I find it is the only way.
To start with I spent far too much money but I've finally managed to get back on track.
I spent £11 in the supermarket and £6 in the butcher's.
I bought enough food to last until Tuesday, on Tuesday I'll have to shop for milk bread and vegetables.


I drive a small Nissan it suits me, it's not flashy but it's comfortable.
It has an assortment of gizmos, heated wing mirrors and parking sensors.
It has central locking as most cars do now and I can lock and unlock it from a few yards away.
What I'd really like though is a car that when I press the remote control would wave a flag and shout 'Cooee, I'm over here'. It would save a me lot of time wandering around car parks looking for it.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fractious factions

Things have quieted down a bit on the marina, some of the more vociferous complainants seem to be taking a breather.

Some factions are still arguing but less so, as now the new company has taken over, more maintenance is being done and even more is planned.

We are moving on in March out onto the cut, we may return here for a winter mooring.

I'm keeping my head down until then, I find the gossiping a bit much.

I inadvertently stood on a few toes when I started boat cleaning, there are other people here who clean boats and they feel I have stolen their work.

So I have decided to give up, they won't get the work when I stop because the people I clean for didn't want to employ them in the first place.

Hey ho I can manage without the money and I can definitely manage without the grief!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Stiff neck

I have a permanently stiff neck, it is not, as my beloved suggests, caused by swallowing Viagra too slowly!
It is caused by the way I sit and read and it is exacerbated by being tense when I drive. 
I could go for a massage but I absolutely abhor being touched anywhere from chin to ankle by anyone apart from CHS.
I'm not a hugger, I  can manage the hairdressers and could have a manicure or pedicure, anything in between is a no go area. Oh and I can cuddle babies and children now though it took a while to manage that.
If you have been reading my blog and it's previous incarnation you will know that my first marriage broke up due to my husband's insistence that we go swinging or wife swapping.
My experiences were brief but left me with  a feeling of being unclean and a deep aversion to being handled.
Anyway I digress, to aid my stiff neck I've talked to wearing a lightweight scarf round my neck, I only have one and despite washing it most evenings and drying it over the stove overnight. I found it getting discoloured on the ends. So yesterday I raided the local charity shop and purchased 4 new to me scarves, only one of them is the correct length and width for me so today the sewing machine is coming out and the scarves will be adjusted. I'm also making 2 cloth shopping bags and covering a seat cushion.

Monday, 12 February 2018

One day I'll brain the bugger

So we have had some adjustments made to our solar panels.
We have a little screen  on the side of the cupboard that shows an assortment of readings.
CHS decided that to test the system thoroughly we should unplug from shore power and rely on solar for the entire weekend. This necessitated him taking a note of all the readings every few minutes and comparing them with the previous reading as 'this is merely a snapshot'. He was leaping up and down like a mad thing, checking the dial and reporting his findings and getting in a state when neither he nor I could remember the premise reading. I couldn't give a flying fcuk what the readings were anyway, I just want to know it all works.

What I wanted was a peaceful weekend with a bit of crochet.
What I got was a demented Jack rabbit leaping about the boat, imploring me to charge my phone or to turn the TV on to see if it affected the readings.
There was nothing worth watching on TV and if I had wanted to watch something it would have been impossible to hear it over his constant shouting of the readings.
This morning he asked if I was doing anything, to his great disappointment I had plans, he had hoped to persuade me to set the alarm on my phone at hourly intervals so I could note down the readings!

Monday, 5 February 2018

We have lift off

That's it, it's in. The eagle has landed.
The engine is fitted and working, all we need now is the bill.
Hours of extra work by our wonderful engineer also got the bow thruster working.
We took DD2 and DGD for a trip on the boat on Friday, unfortunately one of the swing bridges was out of order so we didn't get as far as we'd hoped but they still had a little trip.
Once they'd gone home we trundle on to the next winding hole and turned the boat around and then found a nice mooring spot. 
We met up with the fuel boat and stocked up on coal.
We also met some friends who were traveling in the opposite direction and stopped for a catch up.
On Sunday we went for a two mile walk in the morning and then trundled back to the marina after lunch.
We had lamb chops for lunch, they were so tiny I made some stuffing balls to go with them.

Another bone of contention

This time about the parking spaces. There are enough for everybody but some people think they are entitled to park at the end of the jetty ...