Friday 12 April 2024

Trouble at the big house!

Not long after we moved here we had a visit from a man, Mike, who worked for the housing association. He was condescending and patronising and when Steve mentioned he was thinking of moving one of the kitchen cupboards Mike insisted that this was not allowed. I asked why, since we owned the flat and no response was forthcoming.

Having spoken to other residents it seems that Mike, along with other staff can't grasp the concept that we own our flats. They are used to dealing with tenants and love to instigate many petty rules. Most of which are designed to make the residents lives miserable.

One of our residents,  when complaining about a faulty doorstep. (Caused by poor workmanship by a company chosen by the HA) was told to be grateful she wasn't living in the Ukraine!

The resident of the top flat decided to have the shower removed and have a bath fitted instead. This all went ahead successfully until the resident realised that the water tank was not sufficient to fill the bath. At this point our manager was on holiday, the cover manager realised that changes were being made. The resident was informed that she wasn't allowed to change her water tank. The cover manager was so rude to the plumber he downed tools and refused to return. The resident was left for weeks without sufficient hot water to fill her bath.

Thursday 11 April 2024

Lets put this to bed.

Answers to some questions.

Why does Steve have access to my Amazon account?

We have Amazon prime, it's a family account, a few of us use it, I just need him to remember to tell me when he's buying something.

Why don't I leave? 

Where would I go? In an emergency either of my daughter's would take me in for a couple of days but not permanently. Neither of them have room for me they both have more children than bedrooms. My son's are both in rented accommodation where no dogs are allowed so what would I do with Beano? When we first left the boat, Steve wanted to rent somewhere. As we couldn't provide proof of any previous rental history we had to pay £2000 pcm for an air bnb. I wanted to buy a property for security. Steve still wanted to rent but soon realised that there was a huge waiting list in this area for sheltered rental property. We purchased this property after six months of paying £2000 a month. If we sold this place Steve would be entitled to 50%. This wouldn't leave me enough to buy anywhere else. The rental market here is still desperately short of sheltered properties. Most also don't allow pets. I like living here, there are some nice people and some that are a PITA, those I avoid!

Why don't I make Steve go to the Drs?

We have two part time Drs covering two surgeries, each surgery has a Dr on site for one or two mornings a week. We can't change surgeries as the only two nearby aren't taking on new patients. If we make an appointment it is cancelled or changed repeatedly. Also Steve doesn't feel the need to visit the Dr, so how am I supposed to force him to attend? In Steve's world he is fine, it's everyone else who has a problem.

I'm just living my life the best way I can, I struggle with being deaf and losing my sight but try to make the best of things. If you don't like my blog then don't read it.

Wednesday 10 April 2024

What a fibber

Steve has been making much of the fact that he's buying much less lager than usual. He's still buying 2 to 4 trays a week, but not the six he usually buys.

I've been less than impressed as he's going to a pub 4 or 5 days a week.

A couple of days ago I went for a snooze as I wasn't feeling too good.

I didn't get much sleep as Steve was wandering in and out the room.

As I lay there I noticed Steve going out the flat, he was only gone a few minutes so I realised he's gone to the cupboard at the end of the corridor.

He soon  returned carrying a tray of lager, he's not buying less, he's just storing it outside the flat!

Tuesday 9 April 2024

New wardrobe.

 I have sex!

Sorry, let me retype that.

I have socks!

Until I got my new wardrobe all my underwear, nightware and t-shirts were crammed together in one small drawer.

Now I have my new wardrobe, complete with two drawers (though only one works) a hanging rail and five shelves, I've been able to sort my clothes out. 

This has meant I've been able to find all six pairs of socks that I own, instead of struggling to manage with two pairs and occasional bare feet.

Monday 8 April 2024

Lost dog.

Last night around 10 p.m. I let Beano out for his last widdle. All of a sudden there was a noise that scared Beano. 

He took off like the hounds of hell were after him, he ran up the path and off site.

I chased after him but I was too slow, couldn't see which way he'd gone.

I searched the nearby roads, calling him but no joy, eventually I went back to the flat to put my shoes on and to check he hadn't doubled back in me.

As I left the flat to continue my search Beano came barreling down the path towards me.

I was so relieved to see him! Steve got out of bed to tell me I wasn't to shout at Beano, I wasn't, and I don't. I just made a huge fuss of him and after an hour I took him out again. This time on his lead!

Sunday 7 April 2024

New wardrobe

Allegedly my new wardrobe will be here tomorrow between 7 a.m.and 11 a.m.

I shan't hold my breath!

I'm going to bowls club tomorrow for lunch, I'm not intending to play as I can't see well enough.

Tip run.

Harry has taken Steve to the tip, Harry had a shower tray to dispose of and Steve has taken my old wardrobe.

They will then go to Morrison's for breakfast.

I need to make an appointment at the vet for Beano, to get his dew claws trimmed, they are very overgrown. I've asked Harry if he'd be able to give me a lift a and he has agreed.

It's chilly and breezy here, Beano has had two walks, during both of which, we were blown along the road.

Trouble at the big house!

Not long after we moved here we had a visit from a man, Mike, who worked for the housing association. He was condescending and patronising a...