Monday, 24 April 2017

Why me, why me?

So we are going to rent our house out whilst we are on the boat. We've checked out Rightmove and Zoopla to see what the going rate is for a 3 bed house in this area. There is some variation but we have made a decision about what we will charge.

Another house in my road is also rented out, it's smaller than my house as is the garden and it is being rented out for £1200pcm. It's newly decorated and very trendy looking.
We are not charging the same amount as this as it is way over what other houses in this area are being rented out for.

My misfortune is that the expensive house is being rented by the family of a colleague. Said colleague spent some time today demanding to know why her relatives were paying so much rent when I was going to charge so much less.

She informed me that in Germany excessive rents are banned. Well that's as maybe but how the hell should I know why they are paying over the odds. I assume they either fell in love with the house and had to have it or that is was the only one available at the time they were looking.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Ow, ow, ow

I've done 6 lots of washing and got it dry mainly outside.
I've cleaned the washing machine filter.
Gallons of water and gunk came out.
I've scrubbed the floors downstairs, to mop up all the gunk from the washing machine!
I've packed up a lot of my craft stuff and now I'm knackered and my hands hurt.
I was given a small bottle of prosecco a while ago, I'm very tempted to open it.
Unfortunately I can't I don't have any grip left in my hands.
I should have asked Captain Hot Stuff to open it before he went out.
I didn't want the prosecco then, now I do.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Barging through

So what's the difference?

A work colleague calls my boat a longboat, but that would mean it is a Viking war ship like this.
Other people refer to it as a barge, but to be a barge it would have to be 10ft wide.
Just to confuse the issue completely there are a lot of 10ft wide boat on the canals and they are called widebeams, there was one stuck at one of the locks we had to negotiate on our journey home.
The correct name is narrowboat but I'm not pedantic about it, you can call it whatever you like.

Once she has had the water tank and fuel tank filled she tends to wallow a bit and doesn't handle particularly well.
At these times Captain Hot Stuff tends to call her 'This Fecking Boat' as he struggles to steer her round corners!

I'm Astonish-ed

Doing housework on the boat is like tidying a dolls house.
Whether sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the galley or wiping the surfaces all the jobs are very quickly completed.
There are two cream leather recliner chairs in the living area, they ten years old and in good condition, unfortunately they were also filthy!
I had tried everything to clean them but nothing touched the layer of grime on them.
In desperation I attacked them with some Astonish and it worked miracles. 

The  chairs are now much cleaner and I feel comfortable sitting on them.
I wouldn't recommend anyone else try this as I could have ruined the leather, but they would have had to be replaced if they hadn't cleaned up so I had nothing to lose.

Friday, 21 April 2017


The kitchen is 5ft 6ins by 5ft 10ins, today Captain Hot Stuff fitted another hanging rail, this one is magnetic.

He also fitted a rail near the stove to dry tea towels on, it will also be used to dry underwear, not when the stove is alight but when it is dying down.

The living area is 9ft by 5ft 10 and very cosy when the stove is lit.

The dining area is 6ft by 5ft 10.

The bathroom is 5ft 10 by 4ft 10.

The bedroom is 9ft by 5ft 10.

I have just chosen the new curtain fabric, the curtains on the boat are very tatty and none of them match. We will have blinds on the kitchen windows but I'll make curtains for the other windows. I tried to order the fabric I liked and got a message, card declined, I thought this was strange but assumed I'd miscalculated.

I tried another card and got the same response and I know there is money in that account.

I then tried the Tesco credit card and that was also declined, methinks they have a gremlins in their system!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A quick trip to the pub

We are hooked up to shore power so the washing machine has been on twice and the laptops are on charge.

Captain Hot Stuff has been getting to know the neighbours (he's been working on the outside of the boat) I've been working on the inside.

DD is going to give me a lift home tomorrow to collect my car until then we are on the Marina, not that it's a problem as it is a lovely sunny day.

We walked to the nearest pub, hoping to get lunch, but decided it was too expensive £17 for sausage and mash, maybe we're just tight, so we had a drink and walked back. It takes about 45 minutes to walk there along the towpath.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Home at last

We left our overnight mooring on the Thames just before 9 this morning. Twelve locks, six swing bridges a trip through the Oracle shopping centre and nine hours later we arrived at our home mooring only to find someone else moored on our jetty.
We have  a temporary mooring for tonight, hopefully there will be room for us on another jetty tomorrow!