Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Putting two and two together

Yesterday was a day of awkward chores, I dropped CHS at work before 7am, I had to go to the Dr's and they don't open until 8am, the next place on my list didn't open until 9am, this left me with a lot of time to kill.

I decided to treat myself to a cup of tea, in Waitrose as it was the nearest place.

I text CHS to tell him I was in Waitrose as I know some people who work there.

I was in the café and I looked around, there was an elderly couple at one table and a man about my age at another.

This is where it gets complicated, Tracy, the daughter in law of CHS's work colleagues, Tommy, works in Waitrose, it was Tommy who rushed to tell CHS that our friends van had been parked on our drive for 2 hours. This was because he was doing some garden work for us.

About an hour later I got a text from CHS saying 'You were right, I've just been told that you are in Waitrose having coffee with A MAN'.

So Tracy had seen me in Waitrose having a cuppa, she'd phoned her father in law to tell him, also reporting that there was A MAN in the café at the same time as me, he was at the opposite side of the café, about 7 or 8 tables away.

Tommy then reported this to CHS, they put 2 & 2 together and made 740.

I realise that they all have very boring lives but jeeze, I can't even have a quiet cuppa without being spied on.

Whilst I was in Waitrose I did bump into my tenant's mum, she lives next door to my house and it was she who first asked if I would let her daughter rent my house.

I think it is a case of Be Careful What You Wish For.
She is finding it difficult living next door to her daughter. The children are noisy and spend all their time running up and down stairs screaming. The adults spend all their time rowing and screaming.
And she keeps having to look after their dog for them, the dog at least is quiet!

I did have to chuckle!

Monday, 24 July 2017

One of those days

I had a list of things to do today,  drop CHS at work, go to Dr's and collect repeat prescription, go to chandlers and collect life jacket that has had a new gas cylinder fitted.

I dropped CHS at work at 7, drove to Dr's and sat in the car park until they opened at 8 o'clock.
No prescription, 'Are you sure you ordered it?' says patronising receptionist.
'Yes I'm sure, here's your email acknowledgement!' I replied passing her my phone.
'We can get it ready for you in an hour.

Drove to the chandlers to collect life jacket. 'Are you sure you left it with us, there is no sign of it here'
'Yes I'm sure here is the email YOU sent to tell me to collect it today!'
'Oh yes, here it is'

Thank god for email or I'd have been getting the runaround all day.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

A gift

I helped out someone on the marina and this is what I was given as a thank you.

Friday, 21 July 2017

He's fallen in the water

I have been telling CHS for weeks to get some new shoes. 
The soles of the pair he wears for work are worn smooth and have no grip.
I have repeatedly warned him that this isn't safe on the boat, but of course he didn't listen.
I even put a pair of the sort he wears in the Amazon shopping basket but he didn't bother to buy them.
Today, by the time we arrived home it was raining, as he has a great aversion to getting wet CHS hurried along the jetty, leapt onto the back of the boat and promptly slipped off the back of the boat!
As he had hold of the tiller he only got his legs wet from the knees downwards but he has a Technicolor bruise below the knee.
He has taken himself off to lay on the bed with his book to recover.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Piddling wet through

It was raining this morning as I set off for work and as I have to walk along the jetty and across the car park to get to my car I decided to dig out my cagoule.

Could I find it? Could I feck!

We have a wet cupboard where we keep out coats, it's just by the back door.

My cagoule should be in there, in fact my cagoule probably is in there but it is totally buried.

So I got piddling wet through going to my car.

You may remember that when I decluttered ready to move on to the boat I discovered that CHS had 17 winter coats and jackets.

I donated ten to our local homeless charity, this was sometime last summer.

It seems that in the interim CHS has acquired yet more winter coats, there are 12 of the buggers in the wet cupboard and not one of them is mine.

So I got piddling wet through walking to the car, when I mentioned this to CHS he suggested I use an umbrella.

Unfortunately as I was carrying my hand bag, my lunch, the rubbish to put in the skip and the keys to get out the marina I didn't have a free hand to carry an umbrella and even if I did it is also buried in the wet cupboard UNDER HIS 12 COATS!!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Two more days

Until the summer break starts, I have very few specific plans.

I'm meeting a friend and bringing her to see the boat.

I shall see my family.

I shall finish the curtains and other sewing for the boat.

I shall finish a baby blanket and maybe start another.

I shall go days without seeing anyone other than CHS.

It will prepare me for retirement!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Starboard coach lines all finished

So I spent the day looking after four of the DGC, CHS finished painting the coach lines.
He's done a brilliant job, the boat looks stunning and I love the colour scheme we chose.