Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Today I have a trip to the solicitors to prove I'm who I claim to be.

Yesterday's outing was very successful, I don't think CHS will want to attend regularly.
Some people there are very severely affected by their stroke and he avoids people like that.

I enjoyed our hour there, people spoke to me and CHS very kindly and know exactly how things are.

They have confirmed there is no carers group I can join as the criteria has changed and CHS doesn't fit in to any of the seven categories.

As for asking my DD's to help, one has four children, a dog, a husband with a long term chronic condition and a full time and part time job.

The other has 5 children 2 dogs and is a foster carer.
They would both help out in an emergency, but neither can help on a regular basis.

Actually knowing there is no help is a relief, I shall no longer be running round in circles looking for something that doesn't exist.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Yet another bloody assessment

My poor CHS is assessed out, one this morning and he has another one next Friday.

It's frosty here but we don't need to leave the boat until 10:30 so we can take our time.

We need to collect coal from DD1 and possibly meet her new dog.

We also need to buy milk.

When we get home I need to clean through as everywhere is dusty.

Monday, 21 January 2019

It's Motown weather here

What's Motown weather I hear you ask?

It's 3 Degrees and I'm wearing Four Tops

Who cares part two.

I have finally received a definite answer about support for carers.
The patient has to fit in to at least one of seven categories, CHS doesn't fit the categories therefore there is no help and no support.
At least I know now.

Pat I do treasure what I have, that doesn't mean I don't get worn out and fed up some days.

I think it would have been better if all the professionals hadn't kept telling me that there was help and support out there for me. If they had just said at the beginning. This is it, it all falls to you from now on so get used to it, at least I would have known where I stood.

Deborah, it's not just that I think £7.50 is expensive, it is beyond my budget. 

Who cares

Nobody it would seem!

Because CHS is still classed as working, albeit off sick we are not claiming any benefits, this means we aren't eligible for some of the carers help.

CHS is still getting lots of help with rehabilitation, what with the gym and the Stroke Club and medical appointments so I'm not complaining about that.

It seems to me that the needs of the wife/carer are ignored. I have also noticed that there is more help for male carers whereas I'm classed as a wife and therefore my role is just that. There are lots of carers websites and forums and even some meetings but as with the  knit and natter nothing I can actually get to. 

CHS and I are managing and he is improving so mostly that seems to mean 

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Freedom denied, and the search continues.

So much for my greatly anticipated freedom, CHS's appointments are now coming thick and fast.

Rehab gym on Monday's and Thursday's, it's a 15 minute drive there 45 minute session and 15 minute drive back, too far for me to return home. So I'm faced with sitting in the car freezing my bits off, brr. He had his assessment there yesterday at 11:30, I was too cold to crochet, it took me until 5 o'clock to warm up.
Stroke club on Tuesdays this is an all day event, but I can't see him wanting to attend as most of the people are a lot more unwell than he is.
Solicitors on Wednesday and Dr's on Friday.

As CHS rightly says there isn't a shortage of knit and natter groups, there are 5 within about 8 miles. The problem is my inability to attend them. 
We have two evening groups that are out as they are along unlit roads.
There is on that cost's £7.50 that is out of my price range.
There is one on a Thursday morning that clashes with the rehab gym.
There is one more I need to investigate.

Saturday, 19 January 2019


Today I have a trip to the solicitors to prove I'm who I claim to be. Yesterday's outing was very successful, I don't think CH...