Saturday, 6 June 2020


Loulou was my daughter's dog, when DD split up with her husband she rented a house where pets were allowed. After she'd signed the lease she was told that 'pets' didn't include dogs.

Loulou stayed with DD's ex but the marital home is now on the market. DD's ex is moving in with his new gf who won't have the dog.

Loulou has visited us a few times and is staying the night with us tonight if it goes ok she can stay permanently.

Beano seems ok with her, we are ensuring that he is top dog as the changes are making Loulou a bit anxious and Beano seems to have a calming effect on her.

Loulou is a very needy girl where cuddles are concerned so Steve is paying her lots of attention, Beano doesn't mind as long as he's got me.

Beano's new friend.

Friday, 5 June 2020

An end to the scrubs debacle

I was chatting to a leisure boater last weekend, she has also been making scrubs.

She has a brilliant coordinator who has arranged for some people to cut out, some to sew and some to iron. There has been none of the nonsense about constantly changing sewing instructions and no insistence about only overlockers are to be used. One pattern was ordered and used, whereas I paid for two and only received one that wasn't acceptable.

I gave the scrubs I'd made along with the wash bags and remaining fabric to the leisure boater and she will pass them on to her coordinator. I really wanted to help but unfortunately my coordinator was more interested in posting on FB, getting her name in the local paper and being an all round pain in the arse. 

Thursday, 4 June 2020


If you google Spell Jars you will find all sorts of information about what they should contain and on what you need to say when you make one.
Anyone can do this and do it in the way they choose, there isn't a right or wrong way. Some people use a wand, I don't, and I don't mutter rhymes either.

I would never make a spell bag for ill only for good. I would never make a spell bag to attract money or love. I would never make a spell bag for myself.

I did make a spell bag to try to help someone regain financial security after she had suffered a financial loss. 

I collect plants and other items, feathers, hag stones (a stone with a hole through it) when I'm walking Beano, I carry a cloth bag with me to hold the things I collect.

I buy crystals, often just polished chips, I grow lavender in a basket and some herbs in a box on the roof of the boat and dry them, others I buy from the supermarket.

When I decide to make a spell bag I spend some time thinking about what I want to achieve. I used buttercups for sunshine in the last bag I made, I could have used ragwort or dandelion. I just wanted a yellow flower. I put items in the bag that I feel are appropriate and I concentrate on each item as I add it to the bag. I mark the bag with an appropriate rune, I use a sharpie, nothing exotic.

I'm happy to answer questions about the spell bags but these are just my interpretations and there are many different ways of making them.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Bags versus Jars

I'm happy for anyone to copy my spell bag idea.

There are lots of recipes for spell jars online or just add whatever you feel is appropriate.

I make bags rather than jars as I think they are safer to use on a boat, also empty bags take up less room than empty jars. I already have a shelf full of jam jars waiting to be filled with marmalade when I get round to making a batch, I bought a tin of Mamade a while ago.

I made the spell bag for friends who are setting off on their travels at the weekend.

There has been a dramatic change in the weather today, it is raining and chilly here.

Fortunately Steve has finished painting the roof of the boat and has even managed to finish the wood at the stern and he boating pole. If we get some more sunny days he will re-varnish  the woodwork in the cratch. He has done it once but isn't happy with the result as the wood is still too pale.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Spell bag

After the success of my previous spell bag, today I made another one.

I made a safe travels bag. I didn't follow a recipe I've been planning the bag for a few weeks so I've been collecting appropriate items.

I drew a safe travels rune on the bag I added the following to the bag.

A tigers eye crystal for courage and confidence.
Dried comfrey for protection.
Dried chamomile and lavender for calm and tranquil waters.
Dried buttercups for sunshine.
Dried rose for love.
Blue lace agate chips for blue sky.
Two duck feathers, one for buoyancy and one for warmth.

Monday, 1 June 2020


Barny is an amiable but very large chocolate Labrador. His owners will be back on their boat soon and no doubt Barny will visit us.

Stair gate, no problem, Barny walks straight through it, it cannot withstand his bulk.

Already have a dog of your own, no problem, Barny will walk all over it, walk into your boat and eat your dogs food.

Your children are frightened of dogs, no problem, Barny will pin them to the floor and lick them. Your children like dogs, see above!

Barny is impervious to threats and punishment and tows his owner round on the end of his lead.

If Barny visits you his owner comes too.

Barny has never met a stranger, just friends he doesn't know yet.


Loulou was my daughter's dog, when DD split up with her husband she rented a house where pets were allowed. After she'd signed the l...