Friday, 4 August 2017

Learning to fly

This little chap crash landed on to the boat behind me yesterday.

Sorry about the appalling pics but I couldn't get any closer for fear of scaring him.
He sat there for some time chirping away whilst Mum & Dad kept flying past shouting encouragement.
Eventually the wind picked up and became very blustery, at this point I'm sure Mum & Dad shouted 'Just spread your bloody wings and jump'
Well he did and he took off, flying on his side to start with, but eventually he got the hang of it, straightened up and off he went.


Winters End Rambler said...

Poor little thing!!! Not even a life jacket on. x

Frugal in Essex Tania said...

Bless him.

galant said...

What a dear little chap (and I don't mean Cap'n Hot Stuff, ha ha!) It's lovely when something like that happens, isn't it? We saw a green woodpecker in our front garden a few weeks ago, the very first one we've seen in an urban area like ours.
Margaret P


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