Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Long time no blog

I have:-
a) been busy with the lovely grandchildren visiting.
b) had difficulty seeing the screen & keyboard.
c) had a nightmare at work with damaged machines.
d) as above with a paper order not arriving on time.
e) been trying to master a new crochet pattern.
f) been trying to choose a colour combination for another blanket.
g) been trying to sort out my craft room yet again.
h) been making things for DD Lizzie's forthcoming school fete.
i) been selling on eBay to make money to help Lizzie buy school shoes for 3 of her 4 children.
j) as above to buy a leotard & dance shoes for another DGD.
k) been sorting out all my saved tissue paper & cellophane for DD Helen, she is using it to wrap bundles of her babies outgrown clothes in, she is selling them on eBay.


markdebby said...

How do I get u ebay Sue?

rabbitquilter said...

Quest in your neck of the woods then!!! NOT!!! Still it keeps you from twiddling your thumbs!!! Glad you are ok,joking apart!!

rabbitquilter said...

That is meant to say quiet in your neck of the woods!! Blooming auto-check!!

Linda Metcalf said...

Busy hands are happy hands!

joy said...

Smiles are the best medicine. Visit my site for more information and have a good day. Cheers.

Silvia Jacinto said...

Reading your article is such a privilege. It does inspire me, I hope that you can share more positive thoughts. Visit my site too. The link is posted below.

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