Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Assorted news

I have my eye test tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to get some specs at a reasonable price and hopefully I will be able to see straight with them.

One of the interesting side effects of the eye treatment seems to be a sudden loss of interest in chocolate, I am an addict, but since the treatment I've had one ginger truffle and one chocolate button.

One of hubby's friends had a mole removed and checked, unfortunately it was cancerous. He is now waiting to see if it has spread.

Someone saw a photo of the blanket I've just started, she was interested in paying me to make one for her. I suggested she priced the yarn needed, when she realised it came to £65 she changed her mind!

One of my colleagues has decided to walk every lunch time, she is hoping for some health benefits, but as she's walking to the local shop and buying a packet of cigarettes I feel she is negating any benefit.


Frugally challenged said...

Oh how predictable is her reaction! For some reason people seem to think that anything home made costs nothing apart from your time! But your crochet really is lovely.

lynda said...

I tried to walk everyday at lunchtime, but since I only had a half hour for lunch and spent my 9 hours at work , standing or walking all day, decided it was better to use the half hour to sit, eat and relax...
Hope your sight is improved.
I can sympathise with the blanket order..good thing you didn't get it made and then have her decide it was too much, which of tens happens to crafters....

Carol said...

I'm not surprised your friend gave up on the idea of you making her a blanket. Maybe you could teach her to crochet and she could make her own using a cheaper yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing yours completed.