Friday, 24 April 2015

Ups & downs

Still jogging along, I have cystoid macular oedema in my left eye, often caused by an insult, well I don't remember calling my eye any rude names but hey ho.
I gather it is sometimes caused along with a cataract, by the Jetrea injection, looking on the bright side even if it doesn't improve I will be able to manage.

If anyone is having this sort of treatment on their eyes, please don't worry, it is painless, I'm the worlds biggest wimp & if I had to go back to have the treatment again I wouldn't lose any sleep about going back.

I have decided to bite the bullet & make a start on the Sophie's universe CAL from Look What I Made blog.

I haven't yet decided on my colour scheme, I have lots of yarn and want to use as much of my stash as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hope your eye improves soon, you have a wonderful positive outlook on life! That blanket is wonderful - can't wait to see what colour scheme you choose, Christine x

Hard up Hester said...

Thank you

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