Wednesday, 8 April 2015


My eyesight is slowly improving, I  have started driving short distances, the first time I drove hubby sat beside me offering advice by screaming 'Mind the bus!' and 'There's a roundabout ahead!'.
Bloody hell, does he really think I'd attempt to drive if I couldn't see a bus or a roundabout!

I'm also managing to crochet quite successfully but still having problems with reading small print.

I'm currently dog sitting, it's my daughters dog, a very large staffy, he loves people but hates other dogs. He was pining for the family for the first day & kept wanting to sit on my knee, I don't mind but he weighs around 9 stone & there is rather more staffy than knee. He is going home on Friday.

On Saturday we have guests,  we haven't decided yet whether to do a BBQ, I think we'll just wait to see what the weather is like & then decide, the forecast is only for 13 degrees which I don't think is warm enough to be outside so I'd rather do drinks & nibbles indoors.


Primroses Attic said...

Glad your eyes are improving.
Hope you have a good time, maybe barbecueing or nibbles.

jill said...

I'm very happy that your vision is continuing to improve. issues are massively stressful.
The dog sounds like a lovely big baby, so nice to have him to hug while you are healing!

TrishWish said...

My husband does that too. I don't drive a lot these days compared to my working life. There is one roundabout I refuse to do as it is partly on traffic lights and partly not. I get confused half way round what with the lights and his shouting. I drive when we go the other way!

Gordon Roberts said...

I really enjoyed reading this article! I have just launched a book on The Staffy Care, here is the link

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