Friday, 4 August 2017

Money in, money out

Money in.
I received a refund from British Gas from when I moved out of my house, £155.
I received a pay rise at work, backdated for four months £7, not per month, for the entire 4 months!

Money out.
There was a problem with the central heating, £184.


Sue in Suffolk said...

I do hope you are working extra hard for your £1.70 a month pay rise!!

Outs are way more than ins here, it will have to stop soon.

justjill said...

Should be working for British Gas !

The Weaver of Grass said...

It was ever thus Hester sadly.

Frugal in Essex Tania said...

In one hand out with the other!

Cath said...

Give with one - take with the other. Often seems to be the way!

Sals View said...

It always amazes me, that the little people who keep the wheels turning in any business, get the shitiest pay. Don't spend it all at once!!