Saturday, 20 April 2019

Home improvements

We are gradually doing things to improve our life on the boat.

We have purchased a sofa bed from Ikea so there is now somewhere to sit in comfort, I was getting tired of perching on a bar stool.

We've also purchased a small freezer, it tucks under the breakfast bar and hopefully will mean we can shop less often.

The boat was quite dark inside and we were considering painting the ceiling white, but first we removed the privacy film that was on all the window and now the boat is much brighter inside. We left the privacy film on the windows in the bedroom and opposite the bathroom.

I bought two plastic coated wire shelves and a plate stacker which has made one of the kitchen cupboards a much more useable space.

There are so many cupboards in the bathroom that the cupboard under the basin is still empty. All our toiletries, medicines and a pack of 18 toilet rolls fit in the cupboard under the granite surface on the opposite side of the room.
Behind the bathroom door there is a floor to ceiling cupboard, the top shelf holds the large kilner jars I use to make Sloe Gin an Blackberry Vodka in.
The bottom two shelves hold tinned food, long life milk and dry goods, flour, sugar, tea etc.


justjill said...

Glad to see all those improvements, arent you clever! Makes your life a little bit easier.

Jeannieuk said...

You are making your new boat lovely and more efficient for your life. May you enjoy her for many years! x

Twiggymoon said...

My partner had a stroke in November 2017. He lost the use of his left arm and wasn’t steady on his feet. (Age 63). His confidence was at an all time low. He wouldn’t go to any clubs or see anyone. The first time he went out the house for a walk with his step son and family was March this year. It’s taken a long time, but things will get better. It’s heart breaking at the time, but all you can do is be patient with them and keep encouraging. Huge hugs xx

Chris at Days in my Life said...

All very organized but I guess you have to be in a small space. Good for you!

hazel c UK said...

So pleased you are getting sorted and the sofa bed is lovely for you. Hope your husband is enjoying the new place. Look after yourself Hester.
Hazel c uk

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