Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Not feeling well

I'm not feeling well this evening, nothing specific, just a bit queasy and shaky. I will try for a quiet day tomorrow.

Yesterday I helped at stroke club, quiche, salad and chips for 22 people. I did the teas and coffees too, one for everyone when they arrive and another one after lunch.

We visited a local dog rescue place today, they were very nice, helpful but didn't have anything suitable for us at the moment.

CHS received a phone call from work this morning, HR they want him to go in for an interview about possibly returning to work, they also want to arrange an occupational health visit for him.
This caused him a huge amount of stress and it has made the day very difficult, he has been argumentative and stroppy ever since, and guess who gets the backlash, yep, me.


justjill said...

Re going into work -occupational health might be helpful, if he can express how he really feels, pity you cant have an input! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Frugal in Essex said...

Oh Esther, I know what it like being on the other end of emplyment frustrations. I encouraged my hubby to go to the occupational therapist because being an insulin diabetic for almost 40years has taken its toll, and it worked in his favour. His boss knows that his concessions are legitimate and there's nothing they can do about it. He has to have a knuckle replacement at some point this year which will mean being off for a while, diabetucs dont heal well but tjsts just life. CHS has had a stroke xnd they will have to follow certain guidelines to protect him. Good luck.

Jean said...

I had an occupational health visit once and they were wonderful. Hope you both get some help.

Chris said...

Fingers crossed that things work out for you and hubby.

kelley said...

sending you good wishes..the life of a caregiver is exhausting...occupational therapy sounds wonderful

Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better!

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