Saturday, 9 November 2019

Bit of a gap.

Yes there was a bit of a gap in my posts, something happened and I've written about it but I cannot publish the post until the end of next week.

As for the challenges of living aboard,  I think I've adapted pretty well.

It's hard work living on a boat but no harder than my early life as I grew up in the early fifties. I also lived in houses that my ex wanted to do up, and then didn't. In the 1970's I  had a small child, no central heating and no kitchen or bathroom. I've spent many years carrying coal and logs, boiling a kettle for hot water etc so I'm used to it.

As for the washing, I have a washing machine and when it's sunny I can do a cold wash on solar power.

When we are in the marina we can plug into shore power and I can do a hot wash.
I have an airer that I either stand under cover on the back or front of the boat or I can stand it in the shower. Once the clothes are nearly dry I stand the airer in front of the log burner before I go the bed and in the morning everything is dry.


Frugal in Essex said...

Its surprising how adaptable we older people are. I didnt have a washing machine for 3 years. Everything went in the bath in soak. I hope all is ok. X

JanF said...

Thanks for explaining about the laundry. We knew some folks who lived on a large boat on the bay here, I remember them saying that they used the local laundromat. They did not move around as you do but took long trips now and then.

A Smaller Life said...

It sounds like your laundry routine is very similar to mine here in the Van. Handwashing drips in the shower on an airer until it can be moved out to sit in the relative warmth of the living room overnight to dry a bit more. As long as you are in no rush for your jeans they will dry in an ambient heat after dripping in the shower tray, in around 2-3 days.

In really bad weather or if there's been a build up of washing I use the on-site laundrette. £3 (in old pound coins) for a wash and usually around £2 in 20p pieces to dry them enough to simply air off back in the Van.

I raise both my boys without a washing machine, with old style terry nappies and in old houses with no modern conveniences so this seems pretty normal to me.

readlisten said...

I also am delighted that you are back, like my fellow Ontarian. May I ask if there will be a difference in your lives when winter sets in. (It's nasty, cold, damp and snowing here - much too early in the calendar. This evening's commute will be a nightmare. My car went in for snow tires today.) Do your waterways freeze? Can you do the laundry as you do now? Are you warm and comfortable in your boat in the winter or do you live elsewhere?


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