Friday, 15 November 2013

Is it time for bed yet?

Welcome to my new followers.
Well I'm knackered, 5 more weeks til I get a break also I never sleep well when my L&M is on the late shift, it mucks about with my sleep patterns.
I have a twitch in my eye & my stomach is uncomfortable.
We have a meal out on Sunday with BIL & his latest squeeze, we've never met her, so it could be an interesting meal.
I left work at 3:30, collected DGD at 4:30 took her to Gym club, dropped her home at 6 & I have to go to collect my L&M at 8.
We've ordered the gym uniform of leotard & shorts for DGD as her Christmas present £27.99, ouch I was going to get her a onesie as well but can't afford it, there are 5 other DGC to buy for.  


AlisonB43 said...

Hi there,
Sorry to be so late joining you but I was looking for you on another blog!! Anyway, I am very glad you are (relatively) recovered from your horrible illness, don't work too hard, you know they will not appreciate it. Christmas is a very expensive time if you have children, but you cannot do it all. I was reading about L&M hearing problems; my Mum has been having real problems with her hearing, quite a rapid deterioration so we are expecting fun times ahead with her!

markdebby said...

Sue, look after yourself.

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