Sunday, 17 November 2013

No longer going the extra mile

I've always worked hard, often stayed at work a bit longer, helped out other people who are busy.
But no more, Friday was a case in point, I had a hour when I had no work to do, time was I'd have gone to my line manager to see if I could help anyone else. Instead I tidied my desk and shelves & then sat & read the local paper online.
There have been times when I've had more work then I can get through in the time allowed, I've spoken to my line manager & requested assistance & all I get is a shrug.
So from now on I shall husband my physical resources, do my job & bog off home at the end of the day!

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50 and counting said...

Totally relate to this. I've had days when over the course of the shift, I'll have 8 patients. The nurse in the next room had 3 all day.

Never crossed her mind to give me a hand.

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