Sunday, 17 November 2013

My Wardrobe

Two pairs of shoes, I also have a pair of snow boots for really bad weather.

One red silk blouse, one black evening jacket, both over 20 years old.
Two cardigans, one red, one pink, both bought from charity shops.
Four dresses, plus the one I'm wearing, 3 from Mr T's sale, two from charity shops.
 I also have 2 bras, 10 pairs of knickers, lots of pairs of tights & a couple of very old thick cardigans.
This then is my complete wardrobe, not a lot, but enough.
Another economy, my hair is now white, I shall no longer but hair dye.

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Pam said...

I have a few more things in my wardrobe but not many. I had a massive clear out and only kept the clothes that I really like and wear often. It was liberating, I was given 2 pairs of Next jeans brand new, A dear friend who has delusions of instant slimming. Too embarrassed to return them, I was only too happy to take them off her hands.


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