Saturday, 9 November 2013

Knackered & battered

It was so cold this morning at 6:30 when I got up that the heating had come on despite being set to minimum.
I didn't sleep well last night which has probably made me somewhat clumsy, that and shopping with a 9 year old boy who never stops talking!
I already have a huge bruise on my thigh from walking into a copier and another on my shin from DD2's dishwasher, I now also have a bruise on my knee and a very painful hip from dragging a wonky trolley around Mr T's.
I'm not spending much foodwise this month, I'm trying to empty the freezer in preparation for my Christmas meat delivery:
3lb boned rolled loin of pork
3lb gammon
3lb topside beef
12lb turkey
Streaky bacon
£60, I'm sure I could buy it cheaper, but I like the quality from my local butcher.
Mark has lost his coat, well he hung it on his hook when he arrived at school and at hometime it was missing. It was clearly labelled with his name & form so maybe it will be returned eventually, but he cannot walk to and from school coatless in this weather, so I bought him a coat and gloves and gave him the Minion hat I'd knitted for him. He will be warm for the next few weeks, I'm now knitting hats for the rest of the DGC's, some want Minions some don't and will get stripey hats.
Mark had some pocket money with him on our shopping trip, he spent some of it buying each of his sisters a book before spending a little on some stickers.


Retro Wren said...

So pleased to have found you again! And so very good to read that you are getting better.
You crack me up. I've so missed your humour and stories of life.

Very very best wishes to you and L&M. Take care dear lady. X

rachfishop said...

Lol at your post below re the number of greenhouse suppliers in the area. The house round the corner from us (and I'm quite local to you) was a cannabis farm 'til the police paid a visit.

I was working in Manchester this week and went to the pub for a leaving do. The ads in the ladies' loos were for pole dancing lessons, a ladies' tatoo parlour and the Dutch Hydroponics Superstore. Guess they like their fresh tomatoes and peppers up north as well, you really can't beat homegrown can you?

Snitty Kitty said...

Thank you RW, glad you enjoy my rambles.

Rach, I noticed another one y'day just off near the supermarket.

frugal freesia said...

How thoughfull of him to pick out a book for his sister.

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