Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Jiggle Juggle

I was given a voucher from Sainsbugs, £15 off a £60 shop. I didn't need much shopping so I bought some booze for Yule, a small amount of food and booked a delivery for £2.99. I spent the £15 I saved, on stuff for DD2, bread, milk, meat & a few treats for the DGC who have all had chest infections.
I've also received my T'sco vouchers, £43 yesterday, I shall take DD2 with me, double up the vouchers & by some winter clothes for the DGC.
At work we can get a free bowl of porridge every morning, I shall take advantage of this, work out how much I'm saving and pop the cash in my savings tin
I trying to empty my freezer so I'm using up as much as possible to feed us this month.
Monday I defrosted a few slices of sliced ham and made ham, egg, peas and chips.
Tuesday I defrosted a tub of steak & kidney and served it with mash and carrots.
Tomorrow I'm using up some cooking bacon in one of my favourite recipes.
Potato, onion and bacon hot pot, I think it's from a Jocasta Innes recipe book. I make it in my slow cooker.
Finely slice some onion and potato, layer these the dish with some bits of bacon. Make a thin white sauce, pour it over veg & bacon, cook on a low setting. I put it on in the morning and it's ready when we get home, I shall serve it with cabbage from the garden.
There is smoked haddock and liver in the freezer, so they will do two more meals this week.


Sol said...

hooray I found you!

Witch Hazel said...

Thank you for sending the link :-)


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