Sunday, 21 September 2014


We had DGD to stay Saturday night, we also dog at, DGD & the dog soon formed a mutual adoration society. 
I took the dog for a couple of walks Saturday & Sunday, the poor dog was most offended at one point, we were walking under a conker tree when a conker fell on him, he gave me such a dirty look I'm sure he thought I'd thrown it at him. I did apologise, but it took a doggie treat to mollify him.
The dog & DGD both went home at lunch time, I came home & had a nanna nap, afterwards I felt a bit more lively & so I vacuumed through. I also made a huge pot of borscht, the pic isn't very good, it is the most beautiful purple but looks red in the pic.

I also managed to get another border on my quilt

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