Sunday, 28 September 2014

Waste not want not, recipe for a sandwich filling

I try to waste a little as possible of the food we grow & buy, when we buy a joint of meat my L&M slices it with out meat slicer, he did that today once I'd cooked the turkey crown. The sliced meat is now frozen in 2 portion packs, but we are left with this.

A bowl of turkey scraps, this is what I did with it.

 I softened some chopped onion in a knob of butter, don't let it colour, just cook it until it is translucent. Then add the turkey scraps & some seasoning I added pepper & some sage. Then I blitzed it with my hand blender, or you could use a food processor. Once blended I put it in a small pot & chilled it in the fridge.

Here is the finished result & it will make a tasty sandwich filling for lunches tomorrow.
You can doo this with most meats, if using beef a little horse radish is delicious added to the mix. I've also used ham & chicken together, mushrooms can also be added.


Eeek said...

Excellent idea. AM going to steal. Like chicken paste or turkey paste you get in a jar but far nicer.

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - I like to do this with the end bits of ham - I add chopped pickles with a bit of the juice and some mayo.

Attila said...

Brilliant idea, thanks.

Carol said...

Great idea and looks tasty


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