Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Would you Adam & Eve it

On Monday night hubby & I were driving home after I had collected him from work, as we reached the brow of a single track hill we realised there had been an accident. There was a motorbike on its side & someone sprawled in the road, hubby & some passersby stopped to offer offer assistance, police & ambulance were called & were quickly on the scene.. I stayed in the car so I was blocking the road & put my flashers on to warn other motorists of the accident ahead. A few minutes later another car arrived behind me, although he must have been able to see the accident or at the very least the flashing blue lights, the muppet proceeded to attempt to overtake me. There was about a meter gap between me & a brick wall, but he was convinced he could get through the gap, until a police officer convinced him otherwise!

On Tuesday night there was a knock at the door, it was a friend my L&M's, he wanted to return a drill he had borrowed from him, he stayed about 30 - 45 minutes chatting. When he left & I was stood in my doorway saying goodbye, a work colleague drove past with his wife , I've never met the wife but have heard rumour that she is a nasty piece of work. I waved politely & went indoors, thinking no more of it. When I collected my L&M he enquired 'So you've taken a new lover have you?' I looked blank for a few moments & then said 'Bloody hell news travels fast round here, Pete dropped your drill off that he borrowed'
My L&M said that this couple had seen the van parked on the drive, told him about it as soon as they arrived at work, after about 40 minutes they left work drove home, saw Pete leaving & then phoned my L&M to report the length of said visit. Beggers belief doesn't it!


kathy said...

It is so daft it is laughable isn't it?
Seriously though, if LM and you had trust or relationship issues this could have caused major angst for you.
Some people have nothing better to do than trouble-make.

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Kathy
That's exactly what I thought, so much trouble could be caused. Also the way he was told would have worried a lot of people.

Carol said...

Oh dear. I wonder what's lacking in their lives that they have attempt to cause trouble for others.

Eeek said...

Some folk do like to stir it. My rules- you stay out of a marriage. STAT. No ones business but those who said the vows.

This is such blatant busy body gossip and supposition!!!

At least you and LM can laugh about it other relationships may not be so secure. Some folk!

jill said...

This was well beyond clueless, idle, nasty gossip and crossed the line into deliberate and malicious mischief.
Were your L&M a different person, this could have resulted in a very dangerous situation for you.
What toxic and nasty people they are.
What toxic and dangerous people.

cumbrian said...

Some fuckin sad people.

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