Saturday, 13 June 2015

Exercise, who needs exercise

I try to walk as much as possible throughout the day at work I also try to walk around the area I live in on the days I don't work.I haven't walked at the weekend for a few weeks, a combination of limited vision and feeling dizzy meant I didn't feel safe walking the streets.
This week I' m feeling better and I'm adjusting to the changes in my vision, so I decided to start walking again, then I received a message for DD Helen.
Could I have Molly and Neal for a couple of hours this morning, of course I said yes.
She dropped them off about 9:30, we made cakes, Molly made 2 dozen butterfly cakes, Neal made a dozen double choc chip muffins. We walked to the lock to watch the boats going through, we walked along the river bank to feed the ducks, we walked to the cafe to buy ice creams, we walked to the park to play. We then took them to a local toy shop hubby bought Molly yet more loom bands & Neal some toy cars, then we took them out for lunch. We dropped them home at about 4:30, had a quick cuddle with baby Lizzie & baby Josh and then drove home we arrived home just after 5. 
We've had a cuppa, we won't need anything else to eat today, I think an early night is on the cards. I'll probably go for walk tomorrow.


Linda Metcalf said...

Well you did get a nice walk in! Grandkids are the best exercise.

Frugal in Essex said...

My grandchildren keep me fit. Walking is just the best exercise. I love listening to my personal radio while I'm walking especially if there is a good play for the day on Radio 4.

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