Wednesday, 17 June 2015

More Aaargh

I was up at 3 this morning, sneezing my head off, I came downstairs to avoid waking hubby and then realised I was covered in urticaria. Unfortunately my anti histamine tablets were at work, by the time I got there I was very red and very itchy. Fortunately within 20 minute of taking half a tablet the itching started to subside. I daren't take a whole tablet as even the non-drowsy wipe me out, and even with only half a tablet I have a very dry mouth that feels like a camels armpit.
I left work at 2 to take hubby for a site visit, we didn't get home until 5, by which time my ankles were very swollen, oh the joys of old age!
Still, this cheered me up, my 3 youngest grandchildren. 
Baby Lizzie and baby Josh who had crawled off their blankets and Suzy, who isn't crawling yet, so stayed put.


markdebby said...

They are lovely children

Anonymous said...

Ask your Dr at Fexofenadine. Its the only one pilots are allowed to take, and supposedly the best too.DG

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