Monday, 29 June 2015

Hospital check up

Hospital check up this morning, it all went very smoothly, no long delays today. The inflammation has all cleared up but I have  split in my retina, there is not likely to be much improvement on what I have but that is fine by me. I can manage as I am and that will do.
There was a minor panic in the queue for the scanner, a lady started to get hysterical, believing that the laser was escaping from the scan room. I checked and was able to reassure her that it was merely the red light coming from the computer mouse.
I ordered some shelves to help organise my craft room, they have arrived so I'm about to start putting them together

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jill said...

I'm very happy to hear that the inflammation has abated. Every little bit helps with vision issues.
Hope it has eased at least some of the additional stress for you.

L&M's garden is wonderful! What a luxury to have such a bounty in your yard.

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