Sunday, 21 June 2015

Getting my baps out

It's warm & sunny here today, so I am wearing one of my two summer dresses, I can't wear it to work as it has a low neckline & my baps are out on show. I love the dress, it is a lovely shade of green and covered in cream embroidery.
I shall wear in in the garden and hope no-one knocks on the door!


kethry said...

without seeing the dress it is difficult to say, but can you not fashion an addition to the dress to give a little extra coverage around the baps area? you see it sometimes in dresses that have a (deliberately) low cut style, but then two sort of bra-like inserts in a contrasting colour. I have to admit that those dresses are usually fairly close fitting around the bustline. I tried to find a pic to show you what i meant but no joy. Hope you can get what I mean. You're so clever with a needle I'm sure you can do something!

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Kethry, I know what you mean & I have done this on other dresses, I've never bothered with this particular dress as it has a very full skirt, so I look like a cottage loaf, so wouldn't wear it to work anyway, but thanks for the suggestion.
I may end up taking the skirt off completely & using the fabric to make something more flattering.

kethry said...

Hester - that sounds like a plan. Maybe you could reuse the skirt as a skirt, teamed with a blouse? although, as I said before, you're so clever you could do a lot with it! maybe reshape the skirt so that its a slimmer fit for you, and repair it back up with the top to make a whole new dress? It seems a shame to loose a summer dress, especially when its in material and colour that you like. :)

I'm glad you know what I meant anyway!!

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