Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas traditions

I quite like family Christmas traditions, not that I ever had any, but I like the idea.
Both my DD's now have a tradition of one present being opened before bedtime Christmas eve and that present is new pyjamas, that way the children all look lovely the following morning when opening their presents. This year I bought all the pyjamas

I was speaking to a neighbour yesterday who is less than happy about some of his wife's family tradition. Particularly the one that means the whole family catch the 6:30am bus on Christmas eve, into town so they are outside M&S when they open. They then rush into the food hall to buy the veg for Christmas dinner and then come home on the 8:30 bus. This despite the wife working in a local supermarket!

Personally I'd rather have a lie in and a bacon sarnie!

He said there other family tradition seems to be that on Boxing day, they throw away 70% of the food they bought, including the M&S veg as  'Christmas is over now the food will have gone bad'.

I told him what I do with my leftovers and how everything is planned, some stuff is frozen and that nothing is wasted. I was tempted to ask him for the stuff they were throwing away, but I restrained my self.


thrift deluxe said...

Wow, I'd certainly be happy for him to pass some of that unwanted food over!

Best wishes to you and your family, have a lovely day tomorrow.

Sharon Koole said...

Yikes - that being outside M&S sounds like a horrible tradition. I can think of nothing worse! I can't imagine throwing all the food away. The veggies can go into a soup. Make it and freeze it! I hate the thought of spending all that money only to throw it away.

Enjoy your time with your family this holiday season!

Lyssa Medana said...

You shouldn't have restrained yourself. x

Janice said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

Jane said...

Oh dear that is awful. Happy Christmas to you and all your family. Jane xx

jacqui heeley said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, thanks for the laughs, enjoy:)

Eeek said...

I hate the excessive greed and gluttony and wastage! We try to keep it simple. Our relatives have different ideas however.

Margie from Toronto said...

Merry Christmas! My family too had the tradition of opening one present on Christmas and somehow it always seemed to end up being PJ's!
Don't understand throwing away the food - half the fun of the big meal is having all the leftovers and extras for afterwards!


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