Friday, 9 December 2016

It' beginning to look a lot like Christmas

No it's not my house, it's a neighbour's, my grandchildren love to see the lights.
Tomorrow I'm taking 2 of my DGD's to watch a pantomime, it should be fun.


galant said...

We are going to the pantomime - Cinderella - with our little grandson a bit closer to Christmas. It will be his first panotomine, so we're looking forward to that. I've no objection to lots of lights if that is what people want (I can't say I care for them myself) but what I dislike are the flashing lights - indeed, a neighbour has flashing lights in their sitting room - how distracting and headhache-inducing must that be? People are warned on TV when there is flash photography, but no one seems to worry about all these flashing lights, do they?
Margaret P

Lyssa Medana said...

My jaw dropped when I saw the lights. I hope you can sleep through them, especially with your insomnia. I'm glad the grandkids love them, though, as it's great to see kids happy. x

Sharon Koole said...

Very pretty. I bet you're glad it's their electricity bill and not yours :)

Rambler said...

Mixed feelings about the lights, though I can appreciate that the children love them. My former neighbours used to string blue flashing lights across the front of their bungalow - the times I walked into my living room and was shocked to think there was an ambulance or police car outside!
It's very quiet where I live now and there aren't any other houses to be seen, so just my lit-up Christmas tree at the side of my front door (hidden from anyone's view by the hedge.)
I hope the pantomime was enjoyed by all. xx

Hard up Hester said...

Oh yes the lights do flash and that is just one of many illuminated houses in my close, but I have blackout blinds in my bedroom.

Angela said...

Last night we took a circuitous route home from church to see the lights in our little town. Some are definitely OTT. Reindeers on the grass, and wall mounted little trains with puffs of smoke and spinning wheels seem very popular.