Friday, 2 December 2016

My Day

5:30 Get up, boil kettle, empty dishwasher, make 2 cups of tea, one each for my L&M and I, take his tea up to him.

6:00 Get washed & dressed, back downstairs, feed fish, make packed lunch, make 2nd cups of tea, make bacon sandwich and toast.

6:15 Drive to work, scream abuse at driver who nearly takes me out at the roundabout, despite it being my right of way. Start pc, and start machines running with first jobs, go to staff room to make coffee. No milk, curse bursar who economises by never buying enough. 

7:00 Fill machines, drink black coffee, check emails, set next ten jobs running.

7:30 Help staff with copier and print jobs for morning lessons. Calm down staff member who has planned for the wrong lesson.

8:30 Set more print jobs running.

9:30 Training course in the main hall on the new performance management software, otherwise known as ‘another way to ensure we don’t get a pay rise’.

10:30 Return to room to find 2 machines jammed and 4 staff having hysterics, squabbling over the one remaining working machine. Sort out machines and staff, set next ten print jobs running.

11:30 Two staff members start rowing, one storms out I’m left with the one in tears, pass him the tissues I keep in my office for just this sort of thing. Not sure why staff leader thought my room was the place to tell NQT that they need to try harder!

12:00-12:30 Lunch break, read Christmas Carol on my Kindle as other staff have had to make up the time they missed whilst on the training course, I should probably also work through my break but I don't.
1:00 Set more jobs running, laminate signs and posters, fill machines, help staff print jobs for the afternoon lessons, compared commiserate with staff member who is feeling unwell, 
fill shelves, tidy room.
2:00 Leave work, drive home, hang washing to dry, wash another load, prep evening meal, make beds in spare room ready for the weekend.
3:00 Collect my L&M from work. Make a pot of tea and share with him.
4:00 Take my L&M to catch bus, fill car with fuel, buy loaf.
4:30 Order last Christmas presents, fall asleep.
5:10 Wake up, cook meal, eat mine, plate up one for my L&M.
6:10 Clear up, wash up, fold dry washing and put away, sweep stairs.
7:30 Check email, read blogs, write blog, read Kindle.
9:30 Set off to collect my L&M
10:00 Sit with my L&M while he eats his meal, clear up.
10:30 Go to bed
Rinse and repeat.


Sharon Koole said...

No wonder you're tired and stressed! Sounds like you're taking care of everyone but yourself :(

momsav said...

I agree with what Sharon said. Do you work at a school? It sounds like the kind of days my daughter has except she's a teacher. She's thinking of quitting because it's so stressful she's making herself sick. (Much like your L&M in your last post.) Why are some people so rude? Are they so unhappy that they need everyone else to be unhappy, too? It makes no sense.
I hope your weekends go better and you get some relief!

Mac n' Janet said...

My God! You work hard. I was a teacher's aide before I became a teacher and I never forgot what a valuable person an Aide was.

Lyssa Medana said...

I am officially exhausted reading this! Have you considered taking up counselling? You seem to have to do a lot on the fly as it is. x

TrishWish said...

Thanks. You have reminded me why I gave up work in a educational sector. Phew!! I was just thinking I was missing something now I am sure I am NOT! thanks again for the reminder of one of those days!

Anonymous said...

It has been my experience that days which start with bacon sandwiches are invariably better than those that don't.



kate steeper said...

average day

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