Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Reality Shows

I don't watch them, I don't watch the ones about wannabe celebrities such as the Kardashians, and I don't watch the ones that purport to be competitions, The Apprentice etc. I don't even watch the DIY or gardening ones.
I don't for one minute believe they are real, they are mainly staged and scripted and then cut to get the finish required.
A few years ago I worked with someone who's spouse was involved with a well known show where houses were refurbished in a very short time.
These refurbishments were actually filmed over a week, none of the work was actually achieved in the time claimed.


TrishWish said...

We watched Apprentice this week and thought it was the most embarrassing thing ever! Friends were involved in a make over programme years ago and the work done was r rubbish!

galant said...

I suspected that the 60 minute makeover and shows like it was false. I was once the subject of an antiques show (no, I'm not that old, har, har!) and it was filmed over 2 days for a 1/2 hr prog. But at least it didn't profess to be filmed over 1/2 hr like some of the programmes.
But like you, I don't watch reality TV. Indeed, there are few shows that I now watch: Uni Challenge, Mastermind, a good drama series although there are few of those (lots of drama but not particularly good), and News 24. Escape to the Country is my one weakness, though.
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

I am just sad that the USA elected a reality tv star as a president. We are in loads of trouble. Ana USA

Anonymous said...

Have no patience with adverts and they go on for so long, so we watch a Judge Judy that we have pre-recorded while we wait for a decent time to elapse before we watch a programme, also recorded. Also watch Escape to the Country as galant does, but turn it off if we find that the couple are pretentious when a decent sized house is deemed 'too small'.

Joan (Wales)

Sharon Koole said...

I don't watch them either. I don't understand the fascination. It's all that seems to be on over here in the US. It doesn't surprise me that Americans voted a reality star to be president.

Sue in Suffolk said...

What not even Strictly!! Shame on you!
There was an interesting thing on last night about the rise of proper quiz shows with proper questions which have gained in popularity as we like to be challenged with questions we can't answer. Which is why I love Only Connect, University challenge et al.

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