Sunday, 13 November 2016

Freezer rummage

I found some cooked sliced gammon so that's our roast dinner today. I also found some white fish and minced beef in the freezer and lots of eggs in the fridge.
There is enough gammon and minced beef for 2 meals each so the meal plan will be, in no particular order:-
Cottage pie.
Gammon, egg and chips.
Fish in parsley sauce.
Spag bol.


galant said...

That's the way to do it!
Cook with what you have, plan meals around the stuff in fridge and freezer!
Well done, you.
Margaret P

TrishWish said...

Nice menu and its so good to empty out the fridge!

Helen Graham said...

your meals sound yummy. I've been rummaging in the bottom of my freezer too and easily have enough for 2 weeks' worth of main meals. I want to make it until payday on 25th Nov, but there's a good chance I can stretch it out until the end of the month.


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