Sunday, 6 November 2016

Leftovers and meal plan

We had friends over yesterday evening, I did a buffet rather than a proper meal as it's too complicated cooking for one vegetarian, one timid eater, one fussy sod (my L&M) and one eat anything pig (me).

I bought a fresh large cob from the bakers and some gorgeous cheese from a local posh cheese shop. 
They included some goats cheese with fenugreek, red Leicester with chilli, Bix from a nearby farm, Barkham blue, another local cheese and a camembert that I studded with rosemary from the garden and then baked.
I also bought kettle chips, nachos, a tub of tapenade some grapes and some sour cream dip.
For my beloved I made some sausage rolls, cheese palmers and cooked some mini sausages.
Some of the grapes were posed artfully on the cheese board, the rest were served later in the fruit bowl with some satsumas instead of desert.

The food went down very well and there wasn't a lot left but here is what I did this morning with the leftovers.

For breakfast I had a slice of the bread, toasted on one side, then I spread the other side with tapenade and the rest of the creamy Bix, it went under the grill until the cheese had melted, it made a delicious breakfast.

All the last bits of the hard cheeses have been grated together and are in the freezer until I need to make a cheese sauce, my L&M won't know they are in there so will eat it willingly!

My lunch today will be a jacket potato with the rest of the sour cream dip, my L&M won't eat lunch, he had a cooked breakfast around 11ish and will have roast lamb shank about 5ish.

Meal plan or lack thereof.
I don't have a fixed in stone meal plan, if I did either my L&M or wouldn't fancy the upcoming meal and it would be wasted.
I do work vaguely along the scheme below.

Roast on Sunday, often a cheats roast using a chop or sliced cooked meat leftover from a previous joint.

Something with mash, liver, sausage, cottage pie, chops or fish pie.

Something with pasta, spag bol or carbonara.

Something with rice, piri piri, curry or Chinese.

Something with chips, steak, egg or gammon.

I grab something out the freezer in the morning when I get up and cook it that evening.


galant said...

That all sounded delicious, Hester! We don't have a fixed meal plan, either. We sometimes have a cooked lunch and then a sandwich and fruit supper, or a salad lunch and a casserole or something cooked for supper. Sometimes we have just a light meal at lunchtime and similarly at tea time, regarding how hungry we feel. We tend to go by how we feel, how hungry we feel, whether we actually feel too tired to bother cooking and then having just beans on toast. Meal plans are for restaurants, not for an elderly couple at home. We just eat whatever is handy, using up leftover as we go.
Margaret P

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I try for a meal plan each week, but it is usually scuppered by extra folk around the table, a task taking too long so no time left for cooking etc. But it's good to have some idea of what is available. I'm with you on the old cheese to cheese sauce thing. Mind you my lot will have cheese sauce with everything.

Anonymous said...

Love cheese and fresh bread-I would have made a real pig of myself-yum. Catriona

Margie from Toronto said...

Sounds like the perfect buffet to me!
I tend to cook a few things one day a week - a pot of soup, some sort of meat and a pile of veggies and then use that all week along with whatever leftovers are in the fridge or what might take my fancy out of the freezer. Now that I;m not working I find that I want a bigger breakfast as I'm doing a lot of walking in the mornings and tend to run errands or head out to meet friends then. I'll get home around 1 or 2pm and that's when I want a bowl of soup and usually a salad with some sort of protein - suppers tend to be more yogurt and fruit - that sort of thing.
Our clocks went back last night so I've been up for nearly2 hours already, changed the sheets, tidied the kitchen and made a cooked breakfast. I'm just enjoying my tea while checking on some blogs - I'll head into shower & dress shortly and get out for a walk as it's a beautiful, sunny Fall day - yet again (we have been very lucky) - have a lovely Sunday.

Lyssa Medana said...

Desperately envious of your amazing spread. You know how to look after people. x


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