Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The end of the civilized world!

No, not the election of Donald Trump, an email I received today from a solicitor's office.

Thank you for your email.

I confirm everything that has been requested by Bloggs & Co has now been sent to them for review.

We was not aware this information had gone directly to the lender but will chase this up with them.

I will of course let you know when a completion date has been set.



Well this begs the question 'Why were they not aware as they sent the documents themselves?'

Also what is the level of education of someone working in a solicitors office who writes 'We was not aware'

Ye gods is syntax and grammar dead!


Lyssa Medana said...

I wish I was more surprised.

Quite a few law firms keep on people who I consider 'work experience' who have no qualifications, are worked like dogs and who are technically supervised but, well, some bosses are better than others. They are usually left to routine stuff like photocopying. Sending documents to another firm can often be delgated to juniors like this. Quality can vary.

Other law firms are awesome.

Good luck.

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Lyssa, I have been appalled by this company, I certainly wouldn't use them again or recommend them.

Anonymous said...

Seems so.

Joan (Wales)

Joy said...

After a lifetime spent correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar I am sitting here with my red biro twitching.

Anonymous said...

A friend once got a VHS tape of his own heart operation. The office staff had mailed it to him in error. His NHS doctor was horrified. Ana USA

ps: Good thing his doctor did not say "Oh No." :-)

cumbrian said...

Yes, solicitors have a habit of taking a perfectly simple situation and turning it into a fuxxing nightmare.

And they send you large invoice for it as well.

cumbrian said...

Yes, solicitors have a habit of taking a perfectly simple situation and turning it into a fuxxing nightmare.

And they send you large invoice for it as well.

Hard up Hester said...

I have written a long and eloquent letter of complaint that will be sent after my mortgage is completed

galant said...

This is quite dreadful. But it isn't just now in 2016 that this kind of non-grammar is written (or spoken). I worked in a Teachers' Centre and often had to correct the letters which I had to type for various teachers in the area, spelling, grammar, etc, and some outright howlers, too! What never ceases to surprise me, too, is how so many people, those supposedly educated as well, don't comprehend punctuation. They are not just marks on paper sent to annoy us; they can change the meaning of a sentence.
Margaret P


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