Saturday, 26 November 2016


My L&M and I went out last night to a quiz night, it was well organised and well run though my enjoyment was somewhat marred by a misogynistic twat who joined my team.

The quiz didn't finish until 11 so we had a late night and then an early start this morning as my L&M had to work this morning.

I dropped my L&M at work then went to DD2's to give her a lift to work, as her husband coaches DGS's football team on Saturday mornings I bring 2 year old Suzy back to my house so she isn't stuck on a cold pitch all morning.

This morning DGD Norah, eight, had a nasty cough so I offered to have her at my house too, she also missed her turn at staying over night in Friday as we were out.

Not wanting to be left out, dgd Eileen, five, looked at me appealingly, so I offered to take all three of them.

'It will be fine' I said, 'I won't go out at all we will do some needle felting and make some biscuits'.

As I set of for home with all three dgd's in the car I suddenly remembered that I needed to buy some bread, to make my L&M some sandwiches for his lunch. So all three girls went into the bakers with me with me and were allowed choose a treat, they decided on malt loaf that would be sliced and toasted when we got home.

Then I remembered I needed to go to the sorting office  in the next village to pick up two parcels. There is no parking near the sorting office, so I had to park in a nearby car park and persuade all three girls to walk crocodile style along narrow pavements. Norah walked nicely, Eileen twerked all the way there and back, Suzy was most put out that she had to hold my hand and wasn't allowed to run.

Once the parcels were collected we set off for home, then I remembered that I was feeding DS's cats today and tomorrow. So we stopped at DS's house, the cats were nowhere to be seen, but they were probably scared off by the racket the three girls made singing a Christmas song, I'm not convinced they were even all singing the same song!

We eventually made it home and I made my L&M some sandwiches, then it was all three girls back into coats and shoes and back in the car to deliver grandpa's lunch. All went well until we went to leave and Suzy realised the grandpa wasn't coming home yet. She roared and cried all the way home. Fortunately the promise of toasted malt loaf distracted her eventually.

Finally we got round to needle felting, colouring and biscuit making, we made chocolate chip cookies, the easiest to make with a two year old helping!


Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading that! You do brilliantly and give your grandchildren lovely memories.

galant said...

I feel exhausted read that, as Anonymous above has also said! I bet you need a lie down in a darkened room after a morning like that! All we had to do was look after younger son's dog and he doesn't even twerk!
Margaret P

Sharon Koole said...

Phew that sounds like quite a day! Your dear grandchildren are so lucky to have you around - so are their parents!

Fishcake_random said...

You trooper! Going out with three small persons in tow is a challenge I know well. X x

wenda steinley said...

Sounds as though you had a fantastic day, you lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely, if exhausting, day. Just realised your LM is back at work. Hope he's managing to stay calm. Catriona

Cherylsea said...

You are an amazing wife, parent and grandmother!!! I can sort of remember doing this stuff but glad I am not doing it anymore (sort of), pretty exhausting.


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