Sunday, 20 November 2016

Baking Day

Not all my baking is pictured here but I've made:-
2 dozen mince pies.
2 dozen cheese pinwheels.
48 mocha squares.
48 chocolate squares.
2 tea loves.
A Victoria sponge.
A chocolate cake.
6 sausage rolls.
A tray of flapjack.
2 tea loaves.


galant said...

Are you in the Army Catering Corps? Seriously, you could set up shop with that lot! When can I come to tea?
Margaret P

galant said...

I forgot to ask ... is this Christmas preparation, all to be frozen, or just for the forthcoming week?
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

It's for my work colleagues, it's my turn to make the cakes.

Sals View said...

Yum. I fancy a cuppa and one of your cakes.

Sheila said...

Blimey.........that all looks very yummy-x-

Sharon Koole said...

And how do we get to your house? You make me feel quite tired with that list!

kelley said...

how lovely...not that they deserve it! my mouth is watering now thank you very much...

jacqui heeley said...

Wow!! I agree they look yummy,and yes it makes me feel tired to think of you on your feet doing it all and a hot kitchen,I hope your workmates make as much effort as you have when its their turn😃

Winters End Rambler said...

Feeling peckish were you?! x

Anonymous said...


I hope everyne enjoyed the cakes and you have had a lovely day

Much love

Marie xx

Hard up Hester said...

Well there was very little left by the time I finished work today, the cakes wet down really well and were greatly appreciated. I'm now 65 and this will be my last birthday at work.

momsav said...

Holy moly!! You put my work to shame. I was feeling pretty good about pumpkin scones, yoghurt, sourdough bread and two homemade pizzas for dinner. You must be whipped after all the cooking you got done.
Happy belated birthday! 65 is a big deal! Be kind to yourself!

Bless said...

Happy birthday!

That's a lot of baking you did! I'm sure your colleagues at work appreciated it.