Tuesday, 8 November 2016

In the bedroom

Something I used to do in bed, a lot, isn't happening so much any more.
No I'm not talking about sex, that is usually reserved for the sofa or the kitchen table.
I'm talking about sleep, I've got into a really bad habit of falling asleep for about an hour, then waking up and staying awake for hours.
I often only fall asleep an hour before it's time to get up and then I feel tired all day.


galant said...

That is awful and I also have period like this, in fact, I think a lot of people do. It's very stressful as you know you need to sleep and can do little about it when you don't fall asleep. I find it's best to get up, read, have a cup of tea, watch TV (I record things I enjoy so that I can watch something in the night if I'm wide awake, the programmes about lost masterpieces that were on recently, Escape to the Country, M Portillo's railway journeys, the canal progs with Scales and West. And while I don't advocate taking drugs to help you sleep, as I have a lot of arthritic pain, I find a paracetamol or an ibuprofen if I can't sleep because of the pain helps send me to sleep. But a milk drink and a book might be the answer, and putting, and not doing emailing or looking at a computer screen just before you go to bed.
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

I usually read when I can't sleep, sometimes I get up but usually I stay in bed.

Floss said...

It is cosier in bed, especially if you can read your Kindle without disturbing your L&M x

Sharon Koole said...

I haven't had the problem lately, but when my Mum was sick I had trouble sleeping. I think it was because my mind was too busy thinking about things. When I did have trouble sleeping I read my kindle or listened to music. It sounds weird but sometimes I just daydream and make up stories in my head :)

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