Monday, 7 November 2016

Performance management

It's appraisal time again, though now it's called performance management, a new system is being launched and it's all done online. It is claimed to be the bees knees of performance related pay policy for support staff.

I think that translates into 'A way of keeping wages low'!

By Christmas I should have attended a training workshop on how to use the system and had agreed at least one objective with my line manager.

I then have until March to collect evidence to support my claim that I have achieved my objective, I then need to upload said evidence to the website.

I then have a meeting with my line manager to discuss my progress and to set my next set of objectives.

I'm not sure how this is going to work, I cannot work any faster as my speed is governed by the speed of the machinery.

One of my previous objectives was to be more positive, my reply at the time was 'I'm positive I'm being shit on'.

Another objective was to ensure my room is kept tidy, it is always tidy when I leave at 2, it is always a tip when I arrive in the morning.

My excitement at being provided with yet another unattainable objective is almost uncontrollable.


galant said...

I screamed with laughter but I know, Hester, this isn't a funny situation, just the way you tell it. Oh, what a waste of time it all is ... all this 'appraisal'. It people weren't doing their jobs properly, they'd be given the old heave-ho, would they not? Time spent on all this silliness, thought up by people still wet behind the lugs, no doubt, would be better spent just just getting on with their work.
Margaret P

kate steeper said...

Love the translation from management speak into English , there's never anything good for the actual employee involved we have a new improved bonus scheme...aka another pay cut

Floss said...

Can you borrow a phone that will take photos & has email? Then take a photo as you leave each day and o yourself, then do the same the next day...

Sharon Koole said...

They are a waste of time. Ours always were. I got marked down on tidiness of my area and, like you, it was a shared space. I always left it tidy when I left. I couldn't help it if the others didn't and it was always a mess in the morning!

At my old place appraisals were a joke. They could only give out so much of a 'mark' and if it was too high they were told to change it. We all got the same percentage raise no matter if you did really well at your job or did lousy. It was one of my pet peeves. A friend actually got her appraisal changed when corporate decided it was too high. She was too afraid to complain in case they made her life hell.

Hard up Hester said...

Well at least I'm not worried about the appraisal notice I did when the previous head was there as he pushed really hard to get rid of all staff over 50.
I will just sit back and wait and see what they some up with.
I used to do that Floss, so that was dropped from my list of objectives.

Joy said...

What annoys me is that someone is making good money by dreaming up these stupid procedures. Presumably if you weren't doing a good enough job someone would have mentioned it before. In fact, if you couldn't do the job you probably wouldn't have been given it in the first place.

If anyone is censured or criticised perhaps they could carry out an appraisal on the person who appointed them, as THEY obviously hadn't done THEIR job satisfactorily. And so on......and so on........
Hours could be wasted this way. I'm surprised no one has thought of it.

Ah well, it all makes work for the working man to do.

cumbrian said...

What a waste of time
As with a lot of new and improved ideas dreamed up by somebody with nothing better to do.

Winters End Rambler said...

Photograph your room at two...and again when you return...record information....and report!! x

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