Thursday, 17 November 2016

From the sublime to the ridiculous

So yesterday I received the stupid email about needing to get my extra ID certified, another £100-£200 to a solicitor.

I also received an email telling me that my five years no claims on my buildings policy isn't sufficient, I need to prove 10 years no claims with the same company.

Well I can't because I have only been with the company for nine years, my insurance company provide me with proof of nine years no claims, but not good enough says the solicitor. We need a declaration from the insurance company to say that they were aware of the flood risk when I took out the policy.

By now I'm tearing my hair out and having a panic attack and forward these emails to my broker.

The broker then contacts the mortgage company who say 'We've not asked for any of this, we are satisfied with the five year no claims'.

So why are the solicitors being so bloody difficult?

Because they can, I think.

I am working on a detailed letter of complaint, three pages so far!


Floss said...

Hope your draft will eventually go to the Law Society! Have you checked that website for guidelines?

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Floss, I will check it out but I intend to complain to one of the senior partners first

Lynn Moroz said...

Here in Canada our Clerks in our municipal office are able to certify documents. You would need to show the original document to them. They usually do it free of charge.

Anonymous said...

Keep strong, and DO send that letter of complaint. It's easy afterwards to think 'oh I won't bother anymore, I never want to have anything to do with them ever again', but think of the people after you. You may even want to send the letter before you pay them, and negotiate a lower payment on the basis of that. Maybe make up a fake invoice from you to them, claiming payment for wasted hours and unnecessary admin work.

Anonymous said...

Hester, did you ever send that letter???


Hard up Hester said...

I did and received a very bland standard reply.

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