Tuesday, 15 November 2016


DGD Suzy's speech is getting clearer by the day.
When we arrived at my house she looked around and said 'Nana's house' and once through the front door she said 'Doggy all gone?' as last time she visited we were dog sitting.
Suzy was playing with a piece of blutac  when she came over, I asked he what she had in her hand 'Smurf Poo' was her reply!


Witch Hazel said...

"Smurf poo", love it. I wish I still used the stuff, just so I could come out with that myself.

Sharon Koole said...

The things kids come out with! Glad her speech is getting clearer. Two out of three of my kids had speech therapy. They were 'caught up' by the time they were 6/7. Couldn't tell they ever had speech therapy.

TrishWish said...

just watched a news item on research that suggested "mummy talk" to babies helped with language development. So what kind of talk is that mummy doing?


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