Saturday, 12 November 2016


A letter arrived from the solicitors, not the one they claim they posted Thursday but the one they claim to have posted last week. Unfortunately the letter is dated 10th November, bit of a giveaway really.
I will continue to push them twice a day, they are costing an a r m and leg so I expect they want to drag it out so it looks like it's worth the money.

Dogs has been here since Friday trying to explain the mysteries of video editing to my L&M.  It's like watching a dolphin trying g to knit. My L&M is not daft, far from it, but he cannot see the on screen prompts s  it is very difficult.


galant said...

There as a panic in our house this morning when I couldn't get the dishwasher to work. It would only go onto one setting, the long wash which we hardly ever use, even a fast wash is half an hour and that seems long enough to me! I was all for calling the repair man when I thought, I wonder if Sir has fiddled with it and changed some of the settings? So I had a look, checked the Delay-Start, switched that off, and bingo, it worked again. He'd managed, somehow, to hit this button which prevented the machine working.
Anything technical usually defeats me, so you can imagine my cheesy and rather superior grin when I made it work and he just looked on in amazement! Mind you, as with your L&M, I have problems seeing the TV screen and then the Radio Times, I have to keep changing my glasses to see the instructions on the screen and then what prog I want to record from the RT! I must try varifocals, but I expect I'd just look through the 'wrong' section all the time and then fall a-over-t!
Margaret P

Lyssa Medana said...

Just checking that they aren't going to charge you for chasing them. You should still be able to chase, but sometimes worth just speaking to the secretary. As a previous legal secretary and court worker, my boss was lovely and knew what he was doing but sometimes it's the secretary doing the heavy lifting. You shouldn't be charged if you speak to the secretary. Good luck x

Lyssa Medana said...

Meant to say, where I worked a client was charged for a phone call to a solicitor but not to their secretary. If the secretary is useless then it's not worth trying to chase them. x

Sharon Koole said...

Sorry this is happening. Hopefully (though it doesn't sound like it!) it will all be sorted soon. My poor MIL had to deal with solicitors and nasty relatives for about two years before an estate was settled. So sad as it was not what the person wanted. She had been hoping to avoid it.

Winters End Rambler said...

How comforting it is hat solicitors are so honest and accurate! x

Hard up Hester said...

Thanks for the warning Lyssa, they are on a fixed price, I was originally quoted £300 then told £650, I hit the roof so they will not be going over the £650 however much I phone and write.