Wednesday, 30 November 2016

And he needs therapy, why?

My L&M got a bollocking on Monday from his line manager, for not replacing the battery in a piece of equipment.
He explained that the equipment in question didn't take batteries it ran off the mains and the mains to the equipment had been turned off due to flooding.
His line manager refused to believe him so he had to take the cover off and prove there was no battery.

On Tuesday my L&M was setting out tables and chairs for an exam, he was called away to move a puddle in the car park (it was raining very hard). He said he's do it as soon as he'd finished setting up the exam. He was told to do it immediately as it was a health and safety issue. So he got piddling wet through sweeping away a puddle that was reforming as quick as he could sweep it away and the exam was late being set up.

On Thursday my L&M went to his 2nd group therapy, the hogger left soon after the session started as he was told he had to let others speak.

My L&M used the examples above to explain what caused his work related stress.
The group were asked for suggestions to help my L&M.
The first suggestion was to go to his line managers manager.
My L&M has done this but has been told that he must follow his line managers instructions.
The 2nd suggestion was to go to someone higher up.
My L&M has done this and been told that the decision has been made, he can live with it or leave.
The 3rd suggestion was that my L&M approach HR to see if there is any help there.
MY L&M replied, 'I would but we only have one staff member dealing with HR & she is off sick with stress!!!!!


Rambler said...

What a very frustrating place to work. What an idiot that Line Manager is! And such stupid rules which make it impossible to point out the impossible commands. Aaarrrggghhh!

Floss said...

Have you checked out the ACAS info on workplace bullying:

galant said...

I do think this must be typical - I'm very sad to say - of the workplace in general today. A lot of stupid chiefs and insufficient hard working Indians who, for the most part, have common sense (sadly, common sense isn't common to all; it should be renamed, wish I could think of an alternative!)
I'm really sorry that you and your husband have to put up with so much stress. Hugs all round.
Margaret P

Sharon Koole said...

It does sound really frustrating for your L&M. Part of the reason for leaving my job was the so-called management and their attitudes. One of them spoke to us all like we were stupid and didn't know what we were doing even though we'd all been there longer than her. I hope the group therapy helps - even if it is just talking things through

Scarlet said...

This sounds like the NHS hospital department in which my husband works. One of those managers attempted to physically assault my husband at work.

Joy said...

It sounds rather like "great fleas have greater fleas upon their backs to bite 'em,
And greater fleas have greater fleas, and so ad infinitum."

The further up the chain of command you go, the greater the fleas! And the greater the stupidity.
If I was your husband I'd be foaming at the mouth by now.

Margie from Toronto said...

Honestly - you couldn't make tis stuff up could you!
But thank God the one hogging all the time left!

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