Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fecking morons

Funny isn't it, I just assume that people in professional jobs have a modicum of intelligence but it seems Im wrong.
I spent an hour today talking to a solicitor's assistant and then to the solicitor herself, they are insisting that my L&M fills in a form agreeing to being taken off our mortgage.
My L&M isn't on the mortgage it is solely I my name.
Unfortunately this does not compute and they cannot grasp the concept.
I have forwarded her a copy of my mortgage statement that so she can  see it is in my name only, all to no avail.
So I try to find a solicitor who will witness said document, I'm unable to find one locally. I informed the solicitors in Manchester who emailed me to say 'We have found two that are near you, one in Hereford and one in Brighton' .
Last time I looked neither of these places were in Berkshire, so this just adds to my opinion that I'm dealing with morons.
I'm not blaming this on them being in Manchester, I love Manchester and spent time in Salford & Bury.
I lay the blame completely on them being stupid, and stupid thrives everywhere unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Passing exams does not make someone intelligent. Had problems with three solicitors I now interview them before giving them a job to do. These things are sent to try us.


Floss said...

When you write your complaint, send it to the Law Society and cc the incompetent solicitors. Hope things are resolved soon.

Sharon Koole said...

I don't think book intelligence is the same as common sense. Some of the smartest people don't have a clue. Hope you get it sorted soon!

Treaders said...

I know the feeling. I recently changed my name back to my maiden name by deed poll. Deed poll said that was all I needed to change my passport so I sent that (and only that) off to the passport office. (I live in France/work in Switzerland). I didn't want to send ALL my official paperwork through the post just in case and in any case I was assured all I needed was the deed poll. The passport office then got back to me saying they needed official paperwork from my employer/the Swiss authorities to the effect that my name was now "T" and not "B". So I scanned my birth cert., French driving licence (showing both "T" an "B" names), my marriage cert saying that "T" married "B" and my divorce judgement saying that "T" had divorced "B", but that wasn't good enough. I mean, it wasn't like I was trying to change my name to Elvis Presley. I finally had to draft an attestation myself from my employer (which they stamped) saying that neither they nor the Swiss authorities would change my paperwork until THEY (i.e. the passport office) gave me a new passport in my maiden name. Bloody hell, talk about overkill. Anna T (and now not Anna B)

Miriam said...

Have you tried E J Winters and Son in the Forbury as our solicitor in Friar Street walked us there to have our signatures witnessed.

Hard up Hester said...

Thanks Floss, I am intending to complain officially.
Thanks Miriam I will phone them tomorrow.

Lyssa Medana said...

I wish I was more surprised.

There are some truly incredibly, amazingly intelligent and awesomely competent solicitors out there. Unfortunately they are very rare and usually incredibly expensive.

There are also some that I wouldn't trust to to use scissors without supervision.

I suggest you confirm every phone call with an email (if you can be sure that you won't be charged for it) and start laying out a dateline of all the problems/keeping a journal. iirc you have to go through the complaint procedure with the firm first before involving the Law Society. Any attempt to talk about the issues with a senior partner risks getting charged.

Good luck x

galant said...

If this wasn't so serious it would be funny. But it's not funny and you are right, stupid thrives everywhere.
Margaret P

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