Friday, 30 December 2016

Revenge is sweet

My beloved gets bored when he's not working and when he has nothing to keep him occupied. When he's bored he starts looking for something to reorganize, usually me!
Yesterday was a case in point, after breakfast I started to load the dishwasher, with, amongst other items, 2 small milk pans. He immediately started to lecture me about how, when we move, we will not have a dishwasher and therefore I need to consider this when I prepare meal.
I nodded vaguely but made no comment.
Yesterday we went to hospital to get the ends changed on his hearing aids, we stopped at a pub and had lunch, 2 meals for £7.49 and we bought  a new torch.
Every so often throughout the day my beloved would return to the subject of the 2 saucepans. I continued to ignore his complaints.
So this morning I prepared breakfast but this time I only used one saucepan.
I don't think my beloved was too impressed to be given porridge on toast with a rasher of bacon instead of scrambled egg, but I was having porridge as I always do. I couldn't think of only using one saucepan.


galant said...

Go on, you're kidding! But what a wonderful way to teach a man a lesson!
Margaret P

Jo said...

Best thing I'v read in ages, Jo

Sharon Koole said...


Frugal in the Valley said...

Yes, that's the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

How did he take it? This is a bit of a sore point with me because now I am partially disabled and my husband has retired (not because of my disability I hasten to add) he has started to organise me just the same. I managed all the housework, cooking and general household tasks for over 45 years without much input from him. We'd been married about ten years when he went to work abroad for a few years, coming home every couple of months. When our daughter was a toddler he'd go on courses away from home and worked away from home here in the UK. I was solely responsible for bringing our daughter up when he was away and we've always had a dog, at one point we had two together when our daughter was young, so I had my hands full, plus a part-time job. So, I think I coped really well on my own. Now he's telling me that how I do things is wrong. Personally I think it's because he skimps when he's doing a chore and when I point it out he doesn't like it.

Joan (Wales)

Susan Dempsey said...

Brilliant. Love it.

Softstuff said...

I think I just woke my husband up laughing :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Did he eat it?? Catriona

Sue in Suffolk said...

Ha! Good one

Hard up Hester said...

He ate the bacon, he said not one word about the porridge, he knows he's gone too far when I retaliate like this, so tomorrow I will cook with 2 saucepans again!

I know it's a very common thing for husbands to do once they retire, I've had numerous friends mention similar things.

One woman I met at a craft day told me her husband had become a professional nitpicker once he retired, he even bought a Filofax so he could organised her day better!

Anonymous said...

You're right, my husband's got too much time on his hands.

Joan (Wales)

annie b said...

My husband is exactly the same. When you move Make sure it is not too small as you will need room to get away from each other. I made the mistake of accepting a one bed bungalow that is tiny.

Hubby has retired and there is no way to get away form each other, we rub together ok on the whole but I have had to stop his controlling (what I have done on my own perfectly ok)me. He has also become clingy.

Back to the scramble eggs could you do them in the microwave?