Thursday, 22 December 2016

More phone calls, dirty tricks and lying barstewards

I've been making extra every time I cook our evening meal, I find it the easiest way to provide a packup for the following day.

DD Lizzies car is dead, it cannot be resurrected this time. Her FIL, who is in his 80's and I are taking her to her evening job for the foreseeable future. He is doing the lions share, he is doing two weeks and then I'll do a week.

She could catch a bus but she cannot leave until her DH gets home and by then the bus cannot get her there on time. She does catch the bus home.

This week she is working 9 - 3 at one job and 5 - 10 at her other job, this is why I've been doing the child care. Usually the children come to me but today I went to their house, I took a food parcel with me as it is the day before payday. I went through my freezer, fridge and cupboard, I found a tin of hot dogs, and a tin of tuna, a frozen pizza and some sausages, a pack of cheese and a bottle of squash. With what they have they can make a few meals until they can shop again, either her FIL or I will take her on Saturday.

I had another phone call from the bank, talk about dirty tricks and lying barstewards. The woman on the phone said she noticed that I have my credit card set up so the minimum payment is made by direct debit, this is true. She then told me that  as the credit card is with themselves the direct debit can only come from an account with their bank and that I cannot pay the credit card from my new account with another bank.
Sounds like a load of cobblers to me but I played along for a while, eventually I suggested she checked the outstanding balance on my credit card.  It's zero, zilch, de nada. She was a bit stumped then, I await tomorrow's phone calls with bated breath.

And finally the last phone call of the day, it was from my FIL, my L&M's stepdad, the one who phoned my L&M to tell him that he had organised a memorial event for MIL, but that my L&M wasn't invited!
He phoned to thank us for the Christmas card we sent but explained that he hadn't been able to send us on as he has a problem with his leg, he is going into hospital tomorrow for surgery.

I was polite and civil, I wished him good luck with the surgery and told him to take care of himself. I didn't offer to visit or help in any way. I told my L&M about the phone call, we will wait and see.


Elaine said...

What a load of rubbish your bank is talking. They should be reported for telling lies.

Anonymous said...

I would threaten to report the bank to the financial ombudsman if they continue these antics & take your credit card business elsewhere too.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks your FIL has a bit of passive- aggression. That bank must wonder why they have fewer customers each month, but maybe not. In the words of my ex-boss, " They don't know who they're messin' with!"

Joy said...

Brilliant isn't it?
My youngest son was denied a loan because he had never been in debt and therefore had no credit history.

I sometimes think that the banks forget just whose money they are playing with.

Hard up Hester said...

My brother in law has been bankrupt 3 times and can still get loans, it's crazy.

Anonymous said...

I closed my last bank account because they wouldn't let me pay my credit card bill over the counter each month because it was not their banks credit card. This was despite the fact I was paying with a cheque from my account with their bank. I had written to complain and received a letter to say I could pay it, also a copy of the relevant page of their staff training manual to back this up. I got so fed up of arguing the toss every month I closed my account. I know they were hoping I'd open one of trip credit cards instead but that backfired.

Lyssa Medana said...

That bank talks such horse apples!

I hope your DD will manage okay. You must be feeling run ragged and so must she! She is lucky to have you. x

cumbrian said...

It's not that long ago that banks were advertising to attract new customers.
Now it seems like they think they're doing us a favour by all owing them to take care of our money.

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