Thursday, 1 June 2017

Why is my time not important

My timekeeping is quite good, I'm not often late when I go somewhere in fact I usually arrive everywhere a bit early.

So why is it that everyone who has come to collect stuff from me via EBay, Freegle etc. feels it is acceptable to arrive at least an hour late?

The only person who arrived promptly came from Milton Keynes, everyone else has only travelled a couple of miles.

I know I have plenty to do at home but I have things to buy, collect, deliver as well.

I think it's very rude.


justjill said...

I totally agree. I drive my husband mad as we are always early for medical appointments, etc. But this means I am not stressed or feel impolite should it be another kind of appointment. I would now not hang about and unless it meant it didnt matter to get rid of whatever I would just buggar off.

bbarna said...

I am almost always early too. I run a home business, booking appointments to see clients. This is a condition of my business license- so I don't have too much traffic in a residential area. Also it lets me have a life so I can make doctor and dentist appointments, get groceries and run errands. People are constantly late, and some don't even apologise. It is most frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Agree entirely. Medical appointments drive me crazy-why is a doctor's time more important than mine?? I find people's attitude to timekeeping is very relaxed and sadly as a grumpy old person, I find it very rude. I also am driven crazy if I arrive on time for a meeting and the chairperson decides to wait on the ( habitual) latecomers. My strategy there is to leave exactly on the time the meeting said it would finish regardless of whether it's finished or not. Catriona

Anonymous said...

I also like to be early especially if it's an appointment. My husband on the other hand doesn't like waiting, so doesn't leave home until the last minute which infuriates me. I must say he is never late if he's agreed to be somewhere at a certain time, but he does cut it a bit fine at times though.

Joan (Wales)

galant said...

Punctuality, or rather un-punctuality in most cases, really annoys me. If we can be on time, what can't others. When I used to do a lot of visiting of people to interview them for magazine features, regardless of how far away they lived in the county or in neighbouring counties, say 8o to 100 miles away, we would be able to roll up to their doors bang on time (just like the Queen does for her engagements!) Indeed, we used to laugh and say, "How do we do it?" but it's just good planning and being well-mannered, for being late (or too early) is very ill-mannered. If ou are going to be late, at least people could phone and let you know.
Margaret P

Winters End Rambler said...

Some people seem to think they're very important and by arriving late they must have been busier than everyone else....I just find them more irritating. x

Anonymous said...

This drives me mad too. It is just so rude, as are those 'official' visitors who think it is ok to answer their mobile several times in the middle of a conversation with me in my house (I am so important that you can sit and listen to me ignoring you for several minutes!)and the "I'll get back to you on that," crowd who invariably never do and need chasing up several times. Tracy

Sol said...

I can take most things, but people being late really annoys me and I now say in the advert if you are late and dont text me, dont bother to knock. Tardiness is beyond rude, it is down right ignorant when I am giving them something for free. I advertise everything in the village email now and leave the items on the drive. By the time I am home from work the items have gone. The other day I left out four bags of kindling that I had chopped, the person left me strawberries! loads of them, in the bottom of a cut of plastic 4 pint milk bottle. That I like!

I would add to your advert, if you arent on time I will offer it to the next person who contacted me. (I also hate all of the begging emails... First come first to take it I say). I am hoping to move house soon, I need to get rid of these things in a timely fashion, not hold it for 3 weeks when someone is visiting their sister and they live 100 miles away.

Hard up Hester said...

My local freegle specifies you should give it a few days before you decide who can have the items listed, I don't have time for that, I'm afraid I too do 'first come, first served' here.