Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Chop chop chop

Slight cockup on the shopping front, I received an email from the local butcher with their special offers. They had 12 pieces of sirloin steak for £12 & one item that really caught my eye, pork chops. My L&M loves pork chops & they had some lovely large thick ones, they were a bit expensive so I ummed & ahhd for a while. Eventually I decided to by him 4 pork chops, I don't eat pork so I only got four.
Yesterday I collected my order from the butchers, I thought the box containing my order was rather large & when I got home & started to unpack I realised why. The price was for a pack of four pork chops, I have 16 pork chops in the freezer, my L&M is in pork chop heaven!

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Anonymous said...

Well, maybe you could count them as an early holiday present? I imagine he'll be in hog's heaven. Oohh, bad pun, bad pun.

Mom4nell from New Orleans


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