Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Lovely day

We've had a lovely day today, usually it's just my L&M & I on Christmas day, but today both my son's came for lunch along with Tom's girlfriend, Tom looked very dashing as he was wearing a hat, he was most impressed when I recognised it as a fedora, most people think its a trilby, but a fedora has a wider brim.
We had dinner & lots of chat & laughter, especially when my L&M's phone rang, he answered it to be greeted with a list of complaints about someone suspicious hanging around outside a building. He listened patiently until the caller ran out of steam & then said 'I'm very sorry to hear about the problems you are having, but I'm a school caretaker, I'm not the police, it seems one of the local PCSO has a similar number.
Apart from cooking & eating lunch with the family I've also managed to fit in watching a couple of different versions of 'A Christmas Carol' it's a story I've loved since I was a child, it also reminds of my ex & makes me appreciate my L&M even more.
My sons were both delighted with their gifts, a chess set for Tom & a mug with an offensive saying on it for John. I also bought both of them a fleece snood/hood, John had been meaning to buy one for his forthcoming ski trip & Tom wanted one to keep his ears warm when walking to work.
Tomorrow it will just be the 2 of us & I will spend some time making room in the spare room for my L&M to erect 2 plastic green houses & start his planting. I'm not cooking tomorrow as we lots of leftovers to use up, so I will also spent some time sitting with my feet up & having a rest.


Linda Metcalf said...

Sounds as tho you had a perfect rest and enjoy your day!

markdebby said...

A lovely family Christmas

50 and counting said...

Sounds like a good day.

I missed "A Christmas Carol" this year and wound up watching a 2005 version of Lassie on Christmas night. Total tearjerker!

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