Sunday, 1 December 2013

On a winning streak

I think I'll rush out & buy a lottery ticket as I seem to be on a winning streak.
Firstly I won a £20 Amazon voucher by entering a competition on here
Secondly I did an online shop at Asda & when I did the price compare Morrisons were cheaper, so I have a voucher for £6.57.

My morning spent with DFGS was a success, I was a bit worried as he is shy & usually when I ask him a question he whispers the answer to Helen who then tells me what he has said. I need not have worried, he chattered away happily whilst he was here. We made a Christmas decoration, a felt star to hang on the tree, we went to the shops to buy sweeties & we made biscuits. He's a real boy, wanting to know how everything works, twiddling & pushing any & all buttons & switches he can see, he managed to put my L&M's umbrella up in the kitchen, but as I'm not superstitious I didn't mind. A delivery from Amazon arrived during his visit, he asked what was in the box & I replied that I didn't know, he then asked why I wasn't opening the box to find out. I explained that it might be his birthday present & I didn't want to spoil the surprise. He beamed as he realised that we'd bought him a present & didn't try to look in the box. We've bought him Booms, Bangs & Fizzes, I hope he likes it.

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Allegra said...

My stepson is getting Booms Bangs and Fizzes for Christmas - his life ambition is to learn how to make explosions ;o) Boys, eh ?

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