Thursday, 5 December 2013

Soggy start to the day

I reached for my phone in the early hours this morning to see what the time was & I managed to knock my glass of water over, it went in my knicker drawer, in my shoes & all over the floor! I threw a towel on the floor to mop up the worst of the water, the glass didn't break but even though I scrabbled around but I couldn't find the glass anywhere, I didn't want to turn the light on as my L&M was still asleep.
I couldn't get back to sleep so I was up & in the shower by 5:30, fortunately I had dry underwear on the airer as the everything in my drawers was wet, I also had to stuff kitchen roll in my shoes to dry them out. Not the best start to the day, but at least I got to work in plenty of time


bbarna said...

Oh dear, sounds like something I would do. I am glad I found your new blog, as the last one kind of left off on a cliff hanger...Best wishes for a great Yule :-)
Barb from Canada

frugal freesia said...

Larf out LOUD.
You are so funny.
Mind you, I don't suppose you were ammused at the time:)

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