Saturday, 14 December 2013


Having spent the last 10 years repeating things twice, three times and sometimes even more to my beloved L&M, who refused to accept that he was deaf. I finally persuaded him to go to the Drs, who referred him to the hearing unit at the hospital, who fitted him with hearing aids. I am now dealing with someone who speaks very quietly and who gets annoyed when I don't hear him & ask him to repeat things!

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rachfishop said...

Glad to hear that your DH can hear now :-)

On the post a couple of days ago - I remember the 'feed your family for £4' book! I didn't have the money to buy it when it first came out (I was a student), but was thinking about it the other day when thinking about our family's ridiculous grocery bill.

I have a 15 year old and the thought of him living alone on next to no money - goodness, I can't imagine it. That must have been very hard. DS always tells us that he'd love to be living on his own with no Mum and Dad to annoy him but I'm not so sure he'd like the reality :-)


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