Friday, 20 December 2013

End of term

I'm so tired that I'm shaking, but term is over & I don't go back 'til 6th January, I shall be off to bed fairly soon as hubby has to be at work about 7:30 tomorrow. 
I need to get some wrapping paper tomorrow, collect a parcel from the local sorting office & have the gas topped up in my car's AC. When I get home I shall spread all the presents out on the floor tomorrow & work out who's getting what & start wrapping.
We received an email at work yesterday stating that any mugs left in the kitchen after lunch today would be disposed off, I'm not sure how many people will have read the email so I collected 6 boxes of mugs & bought them home, I've put them through the dishwasher & I'll stack them in my spare room for a couple of weeks, if they are allowed to be returned to work I'll take them back, if we are not allowed to keep mugs at work, I'll take them to a local charity shop.
I was given a huge bag of Lego today, one of my DGS's has a lot of Lego, the other loves Lego, but only has a small quantity so he is going to be delighted when Santa delivers the bag to him. I was also given 3 boxes of chocolates that I will re-gift. I've already given my DD Lizzie the Christmas Jumper I wore today, so she has it to wear on Christmas day.

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