Saturday, 19 July 2014

Back on the frugal bandwagon

Not that we really fell off it.
I've not bought any veg for ages, thanks to my L&M's hard work we have potatoes, cabbage, carrots & runner beans to go with hot meals. We also have lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, chilies, beetroot & peppers for salads. We are sharing our harvest with my DD's so their food bills are also reduced.
I'm having stewed rhubarb & HM yogurt for breakfast every morning. This is saving us money on our food bills. 
Yesterday evening we had friends over, we sat in the garden & had a frugal feast, I bought 4 different cheeses, also hummus & some french sticks, all reduced. These were served with HG salad & the french sticks were turned into garlic bread using HG garlic. I also stretched half a bottle of white wine by spending 15p on a bottle of lemonade & serving spritzers.
If my L&M wants a roast dinner tomorrow, I have some cooked sliced pork & stuffing balls in the freezer. If he wants salad there is cheese left from y'day & some cooked sliced ham in the freezer, any cheese left will be grated & frozen.
We've taken out a short term low interest loan to buy a newer car, There is money due in 8 to 12 weeks which will pay this loan off, any extra will be paid off the mortgage. We could have waited until we received the money before buying the car, but by purchasing it now it means we are better placed to assist MIL if needed. This has made DD's life has been made much easier as she now has my old car. We feel we made the best decision for us at the time.
My DD's visited last Wednesday & we spent some time discussing holiday arrangements, my daughters do the same as I did when they were little. One paid activity per week, the rest free.
The free days out include, visiting Nana to cook, sew, play board games or play with Giant connect 4 or Jenga, trips to the park with a picnic, feeding the ducks, visiting the library, there are also various free activities on in the area listed on getreading that DD's will take advantage of.
Paid activities include bouncy castle £1.60 per child for 2 hours, face painting £1.60 per child for 2 hours. I've treated both DD's to a family ticket to Bekonscot. I try to pay for one day out each year, previously we've gone to Beale Park & Jakes Playworld.
That way the children have lots of good memories without spending too much money.


Floss said...

I went to Beckonscot around 45 years ago and loved it, it's lovely to read that new generations are still enjoying visiting

Snitty Kitty said...

My grandparents took me & I took my kids, it's a great place.

rachfishop said...

I love Bekonscot too. Just googled it and it opened in 1929!

Snitty Kitty said...

I went there in the 50's

Linda Metcalf said...

Making memories regardless of the activity! They will have fond memories.

Icey said...

I remember my Dad taking my sister and I to Bekonscot, 20 odd years later I worked in an office opposite it and everyday when I arrived for work I thought of my Dad taking us there :)

My kids are still a little small to appreciate it (2 yrs and 11 wks) but I intend to take them there in the future :)

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