Friday, 11 July 2014

Drowning not waving

What a week & it's not over yet.
My L&M has worked stupid amounts of overtime this week & is working the weekend too, even though it's his weekend off. The new team member had their start date delayed as the correct paperwork wasn't done, eventually, when a member of the management realised they would have stay late to lock the site, they were suddenly able to complete the paperwork to enable him to start.
I've collected my new car & I'm gradually getting to grips with all the bells & whistles. My DD2 now has my car so her life is being made easier too.
DD1 visited with the twins, they are 9 weeks old now. I held them, one at a time in front of the fish tank, little Ted was very interested and moved his head to try & watch the fish. Marla, on the other hand had a brief look & promptly fell asleep,
I've also had my hearing aids fitted, I don't notice I'm wearing them apart from the background noise being a bit loud.
Last night I worked until 10pm as part of my contracted 'holiday hours'.
Tonight, it's DGD to gym club, I'm not sure if she's staying tonight of if we are going out, my preference would be for an early night, but I'll see how my L&M feels.


Janet said...

Grandson born same day as your twins has caught chicken pox from his big brother. Ain't fazing him, such a lovely placid child

Snitty Kitty said...

Oh Janet, poor little chap, but it's lovely when they are placid isn't it.

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