Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nearly there

It's nearly the end of term & everything is reaching fever pitch, a lot needs doing for work & years of experience tells me that some staff will drop shedloads of work on my desk at lunchtime on the last day of term. I have 5 days of holiday work so I will have time to get stuff done then. Next year I'm not doing holiday work, it means another drop in pay, but I'm not that bothered, we'll manage.
I'm getting on well with my hearing aids & my new car, the car has a much better driving position for me & is more comfortable for me.
My L&M has been allowed to order new uniform, not only is it better quality than the previous one he has been allowed to order 5 polo shirts, at the moment he only has 3, so I can wash them all at the weekend instead of washing twice a week.
DD2 is feeling much better now she has my old car, she can get out & about with less effort, she is also able to do more work now she is mobile again.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have had some good things happen this last week. I know what you mean about having 5 uniforms-I used to hate having to wash mid week just for the black polo shirts.Catriona

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - glad to hear that the hearing aids and the new car are making things a bit easier for you. I hope that the 5 days will give you time to catch up on everything and then you can actually enjoy some well deserved time off.

Pam said...

It is good to read that something is good,I like to do a big wash for colours, pales and whites rather than mixing it up during the week, it makes life easier. It is great news that the hearing aids are working for you,take care.

kelley said...

Good news all around...even having holiday work where there won't be constant interruptions...reminds me I should purchase a few more scrub tops for work!

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